Do you need my mobile app?

Let me take you back to when you first bought your mobile phone or tablet. You should not wait to get to the app store and download some shiny new apps. Apps will definitely create an export to your business. But mobile apps might not be the best answer.

Firstly – you need to look at what you're looking for on the website from your mobile phone and tablet. There are a variety of devices from iPhone to Galaxy Notes from Kindle, Nooks and iPhone Mini. The number of visitors viewing your website using mobile phone increases daily. There are a few ways to make your website more mobile friendly for viewers from these devices.

You can have a mobile web page added to your current site. The designers will add a code to your site that determines the type of browser. If it is a mobile device device, a visitor will be sent to the mobile version of the website. These are usually built for phone devices and typically require one website for each size you want to target.

Another option for mobile visitors is to have your website redesigned as a responsive or adaptable website. This is where one webpage is set to fit all the computer screen size, tablet form and smartphone of the phone. The text and images on the web page set to fit the size of the device. If the webpage has four columns of text and generated, on iPad and other tables – two columns appear with the other two columns below. On iPhone and other devices on your smartphone, the columns stack one above the other and the menus will be big enough to click on your fingers.

Mobile Apps – There are a few apps in today's app and mobile apps need to be built and suggested individually. Although the entire program does not need to be restored, there are actions in the application that respond differently and require different code for each type. There are apps for Apple devices like iPhones and iPads in the iTunes Store, apps for Android devices on the Google Play Market, and applications for Windows devices in the Windows Store. There is an approval process before an application is sent to the store or the market. Some are stricter than others. I've heard applications rejected because the app contains just the same information as the company's website. There are several features that you can interact with on your mobile device to make better applications for your visitors. For example, you can add mapping features that open the user's map and give them step by step directions from your current location to your business. I will discuss other mobile apps in the next article.

Do I need a mobile app for my business? One factor is budget – mobile apps are more expensive to build than mobile or receptive sites. Another factor is whether your mobile app will stay. Realize that visitors need to search for the application and download them to their mobile devices. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the iTunes store. The chance that someone will stumble on your application is small. Your marketing campaign will drive people to your mobile app, but it must be big enough for the user to download, install and maintain your application. Most mobile phone owners have purchased devices with a certain amount of space. When this space is filled, most people begin to see which applications they can delete. Once you've decided that you have an idea of ​​programs that meet these criteria, you can add features that keep users coming back to your application.

Another option to consider is a mobile or responsive website with a downloadable icon for the home screen. The website asks the mobile user if they want to download icons on their home screen the first time they visit the site. The icon only opens the device of your browser and website. This is not a program that takes up space on your mobile phone. This keeps your business in a standard view of your users without taking up space on your device.

There are some companies with successful business applications that users use daily. The first key to a successful mobile app is to determine if you need one or not. The next article discusses features that can be integrated into the program to get a better mobile experience and what to look at when hiring a developer.

Source by Tina M Cobb

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