Do you know the best features for a smartphone?

Smartphones have come a long time since early. Smartphones today are faster, useful, easier and cheaper than yesterday Smartphones. However, it is the first thing you need to determine your price. Smart phones can be extremely cost effective or be worthless. However, most users need nothing more expensive than the iPhone, as the iPhone is transparently packaged and has mostly set a limit on moderately smart phone prices. Expect to spend $ 300 on iPhone, and about $ 200 on almost rivals, such as Palm Pre, Android G2 or Blackberry Storm.

The first and most important quality to search Smartphones is the intuitive user interface. The user interface is something you have to deal with every day. Most users who are happy with their smartphones decided almost to base their feelings on the smartphone's user interface. While many users believe that iPhone interface is king, many in the business world really want to use the BlackBerry user interface, but those who are computer scientists tend to vote for Android. This is largely due to personal factors, since today's most competitive smartphones all have a pretty good user interface. Make sure you provide any kind of smartphone puppy. If you can not use it for a few days, please play at least for a few hours in the store.

The next quality is the hardware. This includes the amount of storage, screen size and resolution, keyboard type, processor speed and core speed, and the quality of the camera. If you want to have your smartphone double as a music player, it's important that you choose one with 16 gigabytes of storage disk or more. Most of the new smartphones will either have this storage height or much less. If you are interested in using your smartphone as a music player, you want to focus on the processor and core speed and size and resolution of the screen. Large screen with great resolution is great for reading e-mail clearly, reading books, watching videos, using apps and even playing video games. Most smartphones have a graphic acceleration and a lot of video games are released that have better graphics. The last hardware quality to fit for is the keyboard. Some smartphones have a physical keyboard, while others have touch screen touchscreen. Many users prefer a physical keyboard and can not stand to use a touchscreen keyboard. Again, this will be canceled.

Finally, make sure your mobile phone company offers reasonable prices and services in your area. Most smartphones are tied to one carrier, some of which are more expensive than others and offer better quality. The quality of your service provider varies by city, so be sure to continue on which mobile phone companies offer the best, most efficient service in your city.

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