Do you have to pay for an iPhone 4 contract if you get a free PAYG iPhone 4?

Thus, on June 24th, a weird number of early adopters will receive their latest most valuable estate – the Apple iPhone 4. Thanks to critical recognition, people sold their grandmothers to get their hands on the latest cultural super phone. However, your grandmother is having some very good trick on her fingers if she wins the money as Apple has asked for the iPhone 4. The latest prices for the iPhone 4 are approx. the monthly fee, taking into account the total amount, in some cases over 1000 pounds!

With two children and one mortgage you can not imagine that I can justify spending that money on the phone when there's a lot of phones there, which is almost the same for much less money. I want an iPhone 4, but I do not want to pay for the premium. There is another way.

If you have a free iPhone 4 & # 39; they will receive more than 50 pages of pages from Google, and the websites will offer Apple's latest smartphone for free. Some will be more convincing than others, but usually most people will remember what their moms and mates told them … "NEVER live in life!" But if we look at the model that some of these sites use, they start to be meaningful.

These sites use affiliate marketing sites to provide free iPads and iPads. The process is as follows:

1. Register

First, you must sign up for an affiliate site. Simply enter their email address and some other bits and select the gift you want to receive – in most cases, people choose iPhone.

2. Full Offer

You must complete one of the bids on the site. Well, that could be something like signing up for the LoveFilm FREE DVD trial for 2 weeks. It's free and ensures you really get iPhone for free. So far, you've signed in to an affiliate site and completed the free quote listed by them. So so good so I got the iPhone 4? Not quite the other step of the process.

3. Get to know your friends and family

Now that you need to make friends and family do the same – sign up for your affiliate site and fill out a free offer such as LoveFilm DVD- test. Nowadays everyone has a Facebook account, so it has never been easier to make friends with subscribing things. Or leave a twitter asking people to do the same. There's not much … some products like iPod touch only need 8 friends while things like the iPhone 4, 22 should be.

This is going! can monitor your progress at any time. You can choose the information you receive at any time. The process is simple and foolproof, but there will still be people who do not trust a company that sells the goods for free. Well, the model they use is the following and it's always good to know:

The affiliate will have to pay a fee for LoveFilm (for example) for every new member subscribing to the free trial. It's like a search engine. LoveFilm sells the business because it is more than likely that a user will stay with the service before the free trial expires. Your subsidiary will request this part of the search cost to deliver the goods to you. So you're profitable and you get a free iPhone 4 for registration. This is a win-win situation so you can start collecting referrals today for the free iPhone 4.

Source by Matt Bonnington

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