Do you have an eye on an iPhone? Here is the latest one

Got your heart on the iPhone? You may want to join now. According to a survey by M: Metrics in May, 19 million US mobile phone users are up to $ 599 for the new iPhone. This is almost what Bernstein Research predicts for Apple in 2008.

The new iPhone will be released on June 29, and all signals suggest that demand will be huge. AT & T 2000 employs a temporary staff member for the launch. Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the first 18 months forecasts 10 million iPhones sold as a conservative estimate based on independent research.

AT & T started its exclusive iPhone early. M: Metrics analyst Mark Donovan said, "Two thirds of people who say they are interested in buying an iPhone are currently subscribing to AT & T's three major competitors." He added, "In this mature market everyone is stealing customers from their competitors."

Even the huge price tags – even with a $ 599 biennial contract – does not seem to scare potential buyers. It is still unclear that the AT & T plan will be followed by the iPhone, but you can be sure that the technology's temptation outweighs the unknown fear. Donovan noted that if the initial group gets their iPhone, contract pricing may be an obstacle for some customers.

Due to youthful demographic changes, T-Mobile customers are most interested in the changes. According to the M: Metrics survey, 12.5% ​​of T-Mobile subscribers were interested in purchasing iPhone, compared to 8.1% of Sprint Nextel customers and 6.7% of Verizon users.

Here are some iPhone shopping tips.

o Include your transaction. You can get your box when you get your iPhone and some money in your pocket to help pass the sticker's shock.

o AT & T spokesman John Kampfe says "iPhone will only be available in AT & T retail stores, Apple retail stores, and Apple's online store." Check out Apple's online store on June 29th. According to Steve Jobs, iPhone is being sold tonight at 6 o'clock. But do not forget to try the AT & T site; the company says it will not sell the iPhone devices, at least initially.

o Call a few local AT & T stores to see if they can pick up their queues, or if your local sales representative has any tips on how the store manages the queries.

o Sign up early at the Apple store or at the AT & T store owned by the company before opening it on June 29. The big question is how many phones there are in each store.

o Wait until the maneuver of June 29 is dead and hope that AT & T and Apple will decide to allow locally owned AT & T agents to sell their iPhone, t.

AT & T Inc. spent $ 50 million on his network before any major action is expected after the 29th year of its launch, anyone willing to break his existing contract is expected to spend $ 175 at the top of the new gadget.

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