Do middle aged men think more girls?

I sometimes hear from people who want to help evaluate their chances or the chances of thinking about gender of their choice. Sometimes they think they have special circumstances that could make the odds better or worse because they try to achieve. One example of these special circumstances is the age of father-to-be.

I heard from a woman who said, "I'm just married to a middle-aged man, he has already grown children from a previous marriage. We want to think we live with a girl. But I've heard it because the older man is, the more likely Does he have a girl. Is that true why or why not? "

This is not the first time I have been asked this question. This seems to be one of these old women stories that has just enough scientific merit to make it seem credible. The thought behind it goes a little bit: As one's serial number decreases from his age, there is another old woman story that theorizes that higher sperm counts celebrate boys, then the sperm count is reduced because of age Girl love more usually by default.

So let's break all these doctrines and old wives stories down. First, let's look at the theory that the man is sown in serum. Declines with age. This is considered true. However, such a reduction is usually very low. In fact, I'm sure we know all older men as father children are without any problems. It's by no means uncommon. Indeed, while it is considered in older women's life when she can no longer receive children because of her age, the same does not apply to men.

However, by accepting the fact that some men have declining sperm of age, there is no definitive scientific basis for asserting that high sperm counts in children's children. The idea behind this is that because the sperm of sperm does not live for a long time but moves faster than a girl's meal, you are given a better chance of thinking a boy with a higher sperm count because the faster moving boy will make the egg faster . But here is what this theory does not take into account. If there is a higher sperm count, it will be like many girls who fight for the egg. Yes, they are slower than the boys, but the ratio X to Y or boy to girl is the same for men with high or low sperm. And the result is usually a 50/50 chance of each sex. And even though the theory of high sperm count was true (which I have just said it is not, it is not guaranteed that the opposite would be true.

Because of this thought, lower sperm count means less X and Y sperm in Available, but as with the example above, the ratio would be the same. And then the result (50/50 probability) will be the same. So my opinion is no, an older person would still have about The same 50/50 chance of thinking a girl or boy as a younger person. This is true whether he has a high or low sperm because nothing has changed with the proportion of these sperm. As long as he has about the same The percentage of girls to a sperm producing strain (which studies have shown a norm in men of all ages) then (unless you make other changes) you still have equal opportunities.

So what do I mean when I say "other changes?" Believe it or A not, I mean changes to the woman or mother. The woman who wrote me would probably be more successful trying to change her own PH than to worry about her husband who could not change her proportions. Whether you get a girl or boy depends on whether Y (guy manufacturer) or X (girl production) sperm cholinographer fertilizes the egg. You can make X or Girl more likely because the woman has acid PH, the couple who think before in her cycle and use a basic intervention position. This would have a greater impact on thinking about a girl than his father. If they wanted to boy, that would be the opposite true, (late intervention, alkaline PH, etc.). But the man already had boys and wanted a girl this time.

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