Do I really need a website?

In my 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, I learned that websites are not just an accessory but a necessity. I founded a nonprofit organization, New Light Leadership Coalition, Inc. (NLLC), and I didn't know where to start attracting people to our affairs. In fact, it was just an idea and very few knew our existence. We had a message and a valuable service for young people, but nobody knew about us. Our first event attracted about 50 people from the local area.

We have very few resources for traditional advertising, so we started marketing our website. The NLLC brand has been in more places than ever before. As a result, our next year's events reached more than 200 people in Baltimore, as close as Brooklyn and as far away as Iowa.

He also opened the doors to train people around the country who only heard about us online. Since the launch of our website, we have trained more than 2000 young people nationwide.

Web sites are a valuable tool and resource that can't speak to you. And it doesn't have to be a arm and a leg.

Why You Need Your Website for Your Business or Organization:

1. Give your contacts a simple way to get business or organizational information 24/7

2. Provides access to products and services for a global audience

3. Improving Your Image to Potential Customers and Customers

4. The contacts will search online before they call

5. Build Your List Of Emails To Expand Your Network

Nonprofits can also benefit from online payments, which are a simple source of revenue without spending a fundraising event.

Now with all these obvious benefits, the biggest challenge for a good site is money. Professionally designed websites can cost thousands of dollars. But as the old saying goes, "it takes money for money." And in this challenging economic time, you can't afford to change the future of your business.

Source by Tamara Muhammad

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