Do I need a better phone?

If you have not already been impressed by the "Smartphone" revolution, you may be looking for the correct entry point. The first thing to consider is what benefits could be realized by importing one of these devices.

  1. Remote access to my calendar – Probably the # 1 benefit that immediately realized of a new Smartphone user access to their calendar. If you are like most busy professionals and / or business owners, you have a great job of keeping your calendar on a computer (or you have a supervisor or an office manager who thinks it for you). The problem is that you constantly use the line, "Let me review my calendar when I return to the office" as you visit with your customers, suppliers, and affiliates. With smart wireless synchronization options available on most smartphones, you have a calendar in hand when you need it.
  2. Check e-mail on the road – For some Smartphone users this feature is totally invaluable. Not only can you get through the phone, but you can also communicate via email from where you are without having to unplug your laptop and find a "hot spot". Others do not use this feature for a variety of reasons (for example, the keys are too small to enter, the screen is too small to read a lot of text or attachment difficulties).
  3. Mobile Application – There are tons of small business applications that are very useful for demanding (eg customized costing, operating instructions, or retail information).

If any or all of these benefits seem profitable, the next question is likely, "what device should I get?" After all, there are a lot of options. Some are much cheaper than others. Some are much more popular than others. What is the difference and what are the main benefits of each device?

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Source by Christopher L Smith

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