Do I Buy an iPhone?

There is no argument about the fact that Apple iPhone is extremely popular and has enthusiastic dedicated fans. The iPhone has taken the "phone" to a whole new level, everything you do. Anything you can think of is "There is no app for this". But if you consider the iPhone, I'll explain why I do not buy one.

The problem with flat phones

The biggest problem with iPhone is actually any "flat phone" issue. Other such phones include Blackberry models, LG Dare, Palm Treo and many more. Most smartphone phones are flat phones. So what's wrong with flat phones?

basically the phones are being made to talk is not it? Smart phones have raised the phone's functionality to a much higher level, such as full-text messaging, web access, and GPS navigation systems. But all this is the basic use of the phone for conversation and simple conversation of simple phones.

Because these phones are really flat, they do not bend to the contour of the head. If you have a phone with your ear, the microphone is wide in your mouth and you make scales conversations. You can compensate for keeping the microphone closer to your mouth, but the headset moves from your ear. That's why I just say: save your money and get a flip phone!

Flip Phones for Backup

Flip Phones are phones that are fliped or centered, creating a curve that solves the flat-phone problem. Of course, it bends so the headset is close to your ear and the microphone is closer to your mouth. As a result, the conversations are usually cleaner and less patchy with the good flip phone.

Flip phones also have other benefits. When it is collapsed, the screen and keys are protected. There is no screen and keyboard protection for a flat-screen phone without buying an optional "skin" to protect it. Even if it is a flat-screen phone with a touch screen, the skin can not cover the screen to be effective so that the touch screen is exposed. When you place a flat phone in a purse or pocket, the screen and the buttons may rub on other things and get scratched.

Another advantage of flip phones is not "random dialing". Most horizontal phones have a keystroke mechanism, but even though the keypad may accidentally turn off in a pocket or wallet. When I was flat, I remember saying "I called people" not intentionally, because the flat phone rubbed in my pocket and landed a number! This is rarely the case with a flip phone because the keys are unavailable when folded.

Finally, but for many people sometimes the most important benefit is the price. Flip phones are usually much cheaper than smart phones. Flip phones may be free or "with a 2-year plan. Is this every dollar saved important in the economy and has to pay money to a phone that is likely to be replaced for 18 to 24 months

So before using an iPhone or other smartphone you may want to ask yourself what will be the most important feature Some people say that the most important feature is wording or the camera People may be better off with a flat-screen phone than the iPhone But if most people like it then the most important feature will be the conversation and the ability to make high-quality audio conversations If this is the case, skip the iPhone The best choice is a flip phone

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