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In the world of male sex toys, the penis ring is perhaps the most popular and widely used. Although dozens of manufactured rings are available, some men prefer a home-made version. As long as you pay attention to proper use and continuous good penis health, home penis rings can be a fun DIY experience.

Why are you home?

There are many reasons why a man prefer a DIY penis ring in a sex shop or online shopping. For one of these reasons:

1. Cost. The cost of these special rings may vary greatly; a basic rubber model can only be a few dollars, but a deluxe version of vibrating capacity can easily result in a value of $ 20 or more. Saved buyers prefer to use the DIY method to save a few dollars at a special time (or condom).

2nd Confused. Some people simply do not feel comfortable at the store, standing in the sexual gambling area and then picking them up at the checkout. Even an online order can be embarrassing for some people – or simply do not want to appear on a shared credit card statement.

3rd Creativity. We are increasingly living in the DIY world; people increasingly like to customize everything from their cell phones to their wardrobe choice, why not their sex toys? The house ring gives the man the opportunity to tell something special about him.

4th Test Run It's not a bad idea for a man to try a ring with an inexpensive home version to see what he thinks about before he goes with the "pro" models.

What can I use?

The penis ring is a circular device that is usually surrounded by the penis (usually the penis) and the testicles. This limits blood flow to punishment and punishment; this often increases the strength and duration of man's appreciation.

Any object that fits around the genitals and provides some stenosis. Some popular DIY options include:

  • Shoe Cloak or Other Strings This is one of the simplest options. Simply connect the genitals in the right way. Because it is tied, this option is easy to loosen or pull as desired and is generally easy to remove.
  • Rubber Bands These are also popular, although it is typically a good idea to apply good lubricant during application; otherwise the rubber bands may be slightly painful during removal. There is also the risk that the rubber band may be jammed or too tight.
  • Rubber Bracelet Many of the popular rubber bracelets found on the street are perfect for use as a penis ring. Proper lubrication is required again.
  • Plumbing ring. Many plumbing shops offer rubber or metal rings for various plumbing applications that are of the right size for the genitals. (Lubrication is mandatory.)

Use Carefully

As with any sex toys, use caution when using a penis ring. Proper lubrication is always a good idea. Additional Memories:

  • For limited use only. Some people wanted to walk for an hour for hours, but this could damage the punishment. It is best to use a ring when you are on a sexual experience (individual or partner) and then remove it as soon as experience is over.
  • If any pain, discomfort or numbness occur with the ring, loosen or remove completely.
  • Consult your doctor before using any medicines for treating erectile dysfunction.

The home penis ring is an excellent introduction to this form of sexual gameplay; For some men, subsequent sexual activity may result in a serious (or very happy) penis, so always use a high quality (19459010) penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) care. Overheated penile toothache reacts to the benefits of high-quality emollients like shea butter and natural moisturizers, such as vitamin E. But make sure the cream contains L-arginine, which is an important ingredient in maintaining proper blood flow to the penis.

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