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Wow! How can you choose? The long awaited release of Apple iPhone 3G, with open support for third-party applications, focused on us with hundreds of new choices in iPhone software and iPhone applications. ITunes App Store opened with over 500 recognized applications.

They ran from everything from fun things to companies to travel to the weather in very scientific applications and everything else. And it was just an opening day! New iPhone applications are developed and released when we speak. So choosing the top 4 iPhone software and applications is hard to call. But we'll give it going, just so you're aware of the latest!

Our next 3 Top Picks are some of the new iPhone applications from the iTunes App Store.

One of the latest online voices is Twitter. People across the globe follow each other on Twitter and get a big jump from it. That's why Twitterific is our top choice from the iTunes App Store. With this iPhone application, you can continue to tweak from iPhone!

Another fun iPhone application from the iTunes App Store is PhoneSaber. This cool application turns iPhone into light swords. You even get a sound! Enjoy the fun and excitement of Star Wars where you can travel with PhoneSaber.

Our last chance combines your memories last year with hi-tech lifestyle today. It is the iPhone application in the Circuit Number from the iTunes App Store. This application converts iPhone to a ringtone. Make the calls in an old fashioned way and get back to the good times with the roundabout.

So your iPhone 3 and iPhone 3 software and applications are.

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