Different types of software development software for software development

In this digital period, the popularity of mobile applications grows day by day. Now more and more people are using smartphones and using mobile apps for their daily work. With the growing demand and popularity of mobile apps, mobile developers are trying to increase user experience by selecting the latest technology for mobile phone development. Choosing the right framework is important for the development of the applications. There are different types of frames for hybrid app development.

1. React Native

The main purpose of this framework is to build a native application, instead of developing a hybrid application that appears on a web page. However, the development is still complete with React & JavaScript. This frame is not custom for beginners in web development. The latest version of this frame also has support for Android, so now you can also have real-time applications across the forum.

2. Onsen UI

With the help of this open source framework, developers can do programs by combining native looking objects. This easy to use frame can work without AngularJS. It also has good documents that contain a lot of organization. The disadvantage of this frame is that it provides only an iOS theme, although its next release promises to provide Material Design support.

3. Jonathan

This is a popular frame and the choice of multiple developers. The CSS part of this frame can be used to make native look design. If you want to activate the full potential of ions, you should pair the ions with AngularJS.

4. Frame 7

One best option for this frame is that it has no extra variations like React or Angular. Still, it uses to make program feelings and also look native, with eye catching animation and proper style things. Any developer who has knowledge of CSS, HTML and JavaScript can easily create applications without creating a code.

5. JQuery Mobile

One of the oldest mobile frames, jQuery Mobile does not try to make applications that look like Android or iOS. Instead, its main role is to help develop web applications that will work well evenly on all mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian. This frame is known for its lightweight, easy to use and learning.

6. Native Script

The greatest option of native script is that it allows you to write the functionality of the application to JavaScript once, which will then be modified according to iOS, Android and Windows Phone. However, this framework requires a thorough ability code that it adds to extensive and deepened documents.


These are some of the best mobile frames that can be used to create a wide range of mobile applications. You can compare this frame and choose the best according to your development requirements.

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