Difference Between Smartphones and Cell Phones

A smartphone has advanced capabilities than mobile phones. Smartphone is both PDA (personal digital assistant) and mobile phone. They are more like computers than cell phones, have a full QWERTY keyboard and sometimes have a touchscreen or style.

Your smartphone runs on the following platforms:
• Windows Mobile
• iPhone OS
• Symbian OS
• BlackBerry BlackBerry
• Palm OS
• Google Android or Linux

This allows third party applications to run on it.

Smartphone allows us to manage various information about our family and business life. which may include scheduling meetings, tracking schedules, reading emails and answering them, or simply surfing the web while on the move. Your smartphone was born of the need to keep track of business and personal contacts & # 39; information, project positions and a list of things that need to be done and ways to get in touch with our contacts wherever we become. Smartphones have evolved into the necessary tools for managing our daily lives.

Mobile phones or mobile phones were allowing people to make and receive calls without being connected to a line. It also has text message features, calendar, alarm, etc. They do not use an operating system. Mobile phones emphasize telephone service. They come with regular number pad and smaller screen. It has evolved into customer-oriented multimedia phones.

The difference between smartphone and mobile phone has become less and less noticeable with all new multimedia devices coming out on the market.

Source by Chris Talley

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