Dell XPS 8910 Overview – What do consumers need to know about a good desktop computer?

There is still room for a desktop tower in today's sun-laptops and in the all-in-one world. Newer desktop computers, such as the Dell XPS 8910, are still popular. They tend to have elegant, sophisticated design and expandability to avoid long-term replacement.

The i5 or i7 quad-core processing capabilities and high performance graphics combine excellent desktop capabilities with various multimedia, from game to video streaming. Although this is not a high-end gaming PC, it is still itself. The processor settings start with i5 (6400 I unit up to 3.3GHz (6M cache).) With 6 GHz processor (6700) 4GHz (8M cache) core performance, Turbo Boost technology also gets you extra power when you need it and saves energy if not.

Another great thing on the PC is that NVIDIA GeForce GT or AMD Radeon is a graphics card graphics card The lowest available option is the GeForce GT 730 (DDR3 2GB) but if that's not enough then up to 750 TDI DDR5 or Radeon RX 480 (DDR5 8GB) is all the power you need for any game or any 3D project.

RAM Options for Dell XPS 8910

Up to 16GB, depending on which configuration you choose, but the Dell XPS 8910 is indeed 64GB DDr4 RAM It has. plenty of room and scalability to expand in the future. If you enjoy multitasking and have no patience to wait for applications to load or execute, you will need all the memory, especially if these applications have a sophisticated graphics.

Storage is another important aspect when purchasing a computer. Table towers generally offer more storage space than laptops or all-in-one systems. The 8910 offers 1TB – 2TB hard disk (SATA) storage at 7200 RPM. There are slots for additional HHD or SSD drives as well.

Unless you buy an AiO, your desktop computers are no longer using monitors. This is because it can be easily connected to any HDTV or HDMI or VGA. This PC also has a monitor connection, such as dual-mode DVI-D and Display 1.2. Not only can you connect any monitor, you can expect high-quality picture.

In summary, the Dell XPS 8910 offers everything that desktop computers need to avoid today's consumer market.

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