Delete or restore iPhone data and settings

There is a time in iPhone life when you want to reset your phone's data and settings, reset it to factory defaults, or delete or delete all stored items in your phone. Resetting iPhone is a terrific thing, it loses all your stored items, music, and images, and can not retrieve them unless you backed up.

Situations when you delete or restore the phone may contain

1. Removing or selling the iPhone.

2nd If you send an iPhone for repair, you certainly do not want your personal information and / or data to be accessible to other people.

3rd Your iPhone software is corrupted and must be reset to factory defaults.

This process can be easily done using the on-screen commands or connected to iTunes.

In this tutorial we use the on-screen commands to delete or restore data.

Start the process by synchronizing between your iPhone and your PC to back up your phone data, if you can, at any time, ask for the removed data. After the synchronization and backup of your data has been completed and the iPhone has been removed from your computer, start the process of restoring the phone. It's a pretty simple process.

Go to the iPhone home screen and tap the Settings icon in the menu. In the Settings submenu, tap General Options. There you will find the various options and scroll down to the bottom of the list, you will find the Reset option. By tapping, you can find the two options, deleting all settings and content, or Reset Setting. Depending on what you want to do, choose one of them. Selecting the reset option resets iPhone settings to factory default values ​​and does not delete data. Deleting all options will not only return to the default factory settings, but all data, including emails, applications, music, and messages, will be erased from your iPhone.

And you can sell your iPhone here, sell it, or even post it for repair without having to worry about your personal information.

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