Declining features that make the iPod Touch awesome

If you're thinking of getting a new iPod Touch from Apple, you'll probably think about the features you can use. Most users buy iPod Touch for scalability as a media device. It can play music, videos, games, surf the internet and many other things. These are all obvious features, you can not know some of the cooler features you can use on the latest generation of iPod Touch media, including the 32GB and 64GB models. We explore some of the less known features of the new iPod Touch.

The first less known feature is a voice tag. The iPod touch comes with a full voice file. This allows you to record memos, notes or the actual sound you want. This is great for registering lectures at college or college, monitoring business associations, or even taking up your own podcast.

Talking about podcast is the next less known feature full access to the Apple Podcast and iTunes U library. You can download hundreds of thousands of free shows, interviews, lectures or anything that interests you on the iPod Touch. This even includes free night-time video from most major radio stations. This is a great way to get information on what content you are interested in or enjoy yourself with new music or comedy. You can download podcast and iTunes U programs directly through your device through the iTunes application.

The third feature that is less known does not come directly with your device – it's the Pandora music app. You need to download it for free in the app store on your device. The Pandora Music App allows you to play as much free music as you can see. For just a few dollars a month, you can increase the quality of the stream and remove all ads. This one can change how you listen to music as long as you have a WiFi connection. Now my favorite way to listen to music and to find new artists that I might be interested in.

These are just some of the less known features you'll get with any new iPod. We recommend watching iPod touch, 64GB, This iPod lets you handle all the apps, videos, music, and TV shows you'll ever want.

Source by Dave Potash

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