Cyber ​​crimes and increased risk it puts

Cyber ​​crime has been on the rise and has seen many fall for the belief that they could be just helpless victims, always at the end of the crime. This is not true and there are measures that will be important in ensuring that criminals do not deal better with us by stealing or destroying information as desired. It is often reported that we must always face the criminals and all other types of crime, we need to think like the criminal. By understanding their way of doing things and psychology behind their activities, we can take measures to protect our computers and devices and all the data transferred to them.

Anyone can become a victim of a network and there may be attacks on any age of internet users. This starts with children at home and at school, especially as internet access has grown and the number of devices such as computers, iPads, tablets and smartphones can be increased. These numerous ways to access the internet also mean that adults and children are most likely to become victims of crime crime. The fact of cyber crime is that a vast majority of people can recognize that they have fall victim to various types of online crime online.

Looking at the statistics from the Cyber ​​crime report that Norton did has cyber crime Total profits cost estimated at 388 billion USD. This is a form of a combination of hard costs and the time that Kaspersky Lab announced that by 2012 almost came to an end, they were able to discover an average of two hundred thousand threats each day that showed that online crime has been on the rise.

A big question for everyone should be how should we access the internet and what action we have in dealing with the threat of crime. Even with the knowledge that online crime exists and every online meeting places us at risk of falling victim to different crime. One disheartening fact is that even with awareness of current threats; Many individuals are inconsistent with using security programs and applications to take care of their online security. It is estimated that a number of individuals will use their computers and their cell phones to access the Internet without a security application security application.

The most common threats to a computer are malware with special coverage of computer viruses, worms and trojans. Other major types of threats through the network are cyber and phishing attacks. These attacks are not only limited to personal computers but are now seen with increased frequency on mobile phones that include the smartphone and the tablets. These cell phones have allowed people to access the internet in a much more flexible manner. We see so many more people who use their mobile phones or tablets to view and perform their other online activities. Thus, the mobile devices are not exempt from the attacks and, as shown this year, malware and other threats have grown incredibly especially on the Android platform.

What matters most to all Internet users is regardless of their online activities; Be social, banking, shopping, selling, they should always be on the perpetratory advice to keep away thieves, criminals and even cyber stalkers. Most of the tools we use today offer us comfort and carry professional resources, but they are a gateway to our personal information and daily activities. These may just be what criminals will notice when they plan genuine plans to get this data.

The most important steps to be taken are security measures for both the personal computer and the mobile phones. In addition, caution when online is advised, such as showing only necessary information and avoiding clicking on unknown links. Have a good password for your online accounts and finally back up all your data. Thus, in individual abilities, we will significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to crime.

Source by George Cherere

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