Cutting your losses can be useful

It's true that not every woman you speak we will be attracted to you and sometimes you can even ruin what started to work in the beginning. Perhaps the coffee day did not go as planned. Most people ignore this and instead keep chasing what will most likely be a waste of time. Sometimes your attempts will work in spite of the scenario, but for the most part they will not. This is when knowing when to cut your loss is more effective than anything else you can try.

How do you know when to cut your loss?

The girl I recently participated in wanted a boyfriend. While we still loved each company, I knew I did not want to be in touch. We talked about it and even though she was ready to see where things went (in the hope that I would like to contact) I knew nothing would come of it. Even though we could pull out our fling, I decided it was best to finish things as they were and decided to lower my loss.

This is just one example of situations where cutting your loss is most useful, though, as with many discussions I write, you can use it in some variations of the situation. You may be following a woman who has a slight clue of interest, but never seems to be interested in it. If you know that you have a slim chance of being with her or sleeping with her, you're much better off cutting your loss and instead spending time with another woman you're more likely to end up with.

What if you really want someone and want something more to happen?

More than anything matters. If you want to take the opportunity and chase it in the hope that the attraction will go away, do it all. However, it is much more productive to consider the circumstances of the situation and reduce it. It could be an absolute waste of time, in that case you should cut your loss and go to someone else who is really interested in you.

Be friends with women, because men with female friends know more about women.

If you really want the man and want to be with her, it's never to be tried. As long as you are realistic about your potential and limit, then a fairly acceptable attraction is a perfectly acceptable move.

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