Customizing and Developing Microsoft Great Plains – an Overview for the Programmer

When Great Plains Software designed and developed the Great Plains Dynamics / Dynamics CS + / eEnterprise program, it introduced a number of principles

1. Independence of the computer platform. If we take into account the situation in the computer software industry (in the early 1990's), no one knows which office computer platform would be the winner: IBM PC clones Microsoft Windows, Mac Mac OS X or Mac OS. Therefore, the graphical multiplatform idea was popular among software developers. There was also a myth of C / C ++ languages ​​that work alike on every computer.

2nd The independence of the database platform – was necessary for future survival. The database market was also very tough: Oracle, Ingress, Sybase, DB2, Ctree / Faircom, Btrieve (Pervasive SQL 2000 later)

Great Plains Software's own development environment and programming language – Alföldi skill (DYNAMICS.DIC, REPORTS.DIC, FORMS.DIC is the skill dictionaries).

Customization standards were then drafted:

1. If you're perfectly integrated with Great Plains Dynamics, Dynamics security and database-independent data access / modification work – this is done by Great Plains's skill.

2nd If customization is easy, it will offer customization tools for your computer platform. Microsoft Windows soon launched the market, so VBA was the way to go.

3rd As Microsoft Windows launched the Mac OS operating system on the office computers market, standard third-party Microsoft-friendly devices were recommended – a good example of Crystal Reports

4. When Microsoft SQL Server becomes the database market – Great Plains Software launched a migration campaign between Ctree / Faircom, Btrieve / Pervasive SQL and MS SQL Server 7.0 and later

Finally, when Microsoft purchased the Great Plains software , Microsoft Business Solutions are more concerned about migrating ERP products and transforming so-called suites: Microsoft Financial, Microsoft Logistics, Microsoft Manufacturing, Microsoft Human Resources, and broadly abandoning traditional tools: Great Plains Dexterity, VBA, ReportWriter, Continuum, Integration Manager. As a temporary repair, it has enabled .Net programming to release devices such as eConnect.

Currently (2004-2005) is in the transformation phase when old tools, such as skill, are still playing an important role, but if you're thinking of customizing, you'll probably be more aware of SQL Server scripts / views / if you have a customization budget – Do a research on eConnect. Try creating as many webcasts as you can in Visual Studio.Net. Use Crystal Reports design, and we recommend that you rely on Crystal Report for SQL view or stored procedure.

Good luck with installation, implementation, customization, development, upgrade, and issues or issues – we're here to help! If you want to do the job – call us at 1-866-528-0577.

Source by Andrew Karasev

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