Cunninling for Beginners – 3 Steps To Enjoy It!

One of the hardest things to do as a guy is to go down with a girl and stunning cunnilingus. All honesty is that some practice, and some learn the different techniques that work surprisingly well. But surely there are some things you can do starting to scream with absolute joy. Let's start:

1. Get warm. Do not dive better, but warm things with kissing, touching and licking. Slowly go downtown. As you are there, you want to continue to warm things, kissing and licking your thighs and vagina. After hearing that you are excited, you can reset your clitoris and work.

2nd Let's have a delicious FLAT language You can try out a tighter, sharper language later, but beginners should use the flat language. Girls can be very sensitive and many people have stated that a firm, pointed tongue can be too hard. Go gentle and feel him. If you are sensitive, take it easy and slowly move.

3rd Use this technique. For good starter techniques, just focus on language circles. Just go around and turn to your tongue as if you're doing circles. This is a fundamental but effective method. Circumferential action may change from speed, from small circles to occasional bigger circles, back to the small one, and you can make spiral circles where you start small and gradually and turn it back. There are many variations, just watch and see how well you react to the particular technology you are doing.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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