Creativity and Entrepreneurship

We will start our project with discussion of sources of new ideas. We will then look at ways to create ideas, creative solutions to problems, product planning and development, and then e-commerce. We will then create some new ideas using the healing, checklist and free organization. We will apply the product development factor to our new ideas and complete our discussion with two advantages of e-commerce.

Sources of new ideas include consumers, current products and services, distribution channels and even the Federal Government (Hisrich, 2008). The records of the Patent Office are full of new ideas and new ideas about goods can be formed due to administrative law. Research and development is the largest source of new ideas and can be done in a formal laboratory or in a garage or cellar.

Many methods can be used to create new ideas. In focus groups, the administrator brings a group of people through open and detailed discussions. These groups usually consist of eight to fourteen participants. They are stimulated by comments from another group of members in creative ideology and the development of a new product idea to meet market needs. Emphasis is also a great way to scan ideas and ideas. Problem inventory analysis is another great method for creating new ideas. It uses individuals in a way that is similar to the focus of the group. Consumers have a list of problems in general product categories, and are then asked to identify and discuss products in this category that have a particular problem. This method should primarily be used to identify product ideas for further food.

Creative solution to problems involves generating new ideas at a higher level. Brainstorming allows people to stimulate more creativity by meeting others and participating in organized group experience. Rules contain the following:

a) Criticism is not permitted

b) Freedom is encouraged

c) Amount of ideas requested

d) Encourage combinations And Improving Ideas

Brainstorming should be fun and contain no control or inhibition of coverage. It is very effective in groups of six to twelve individuals and can create ideas about problems within a limited time frame with independent contributions from participants. Inverse mindset offers different perspectives as it is similar to consideration, unless criticism is allowed. It is based on finding a mistake by asking how many ways an idea can fail. The focus is on the negative aspects of a product, service or idea. One must take care of maintaining the group. You can use repetitive ideology before other forms of creative approaches to stimulate new thoughts and involves identifying all that is wrong with an idea. It's usually worth it because it's easier for people to be critical of an idea instead of coming up with a new one.

Brainwriting is a form of writing mindset and gives participants more time to think than mindset. It's quiet and every member writes down three ideas within five minutes. A form is shared with all participants while the leader monitors temporary time and can even change them. The Gordon method is another method of creative problem and begins with group members who do not know exactly the nature of the problem. This ensures that the solution is not the cloud of pre-ideas and behavioral problems. A general term related to the problem is mentioned and the group describes some ideas. The idea is then developed and related terms are developed. Finally, a real problem is revealed.

The checklist method involves the development of a new concept with a list of related issues or suggestions. The following questions show how the checklist method is used:

ii. For other uses? New ways to use som-er?

iii.Adapt? What's more like this? What could I copy

iv.Modify? New spin? Change the meaning, color, shape, shape?

v.Magnify? What to add?

vi.Minify? What instead? Memory?

vii.Substitute? What else instead? Another topic?

viii.Rearrange? Another pattern?


x.Combine? Blend?

Free societies is another form of creative problem and is one of the simplest and most effective methods. It is useful to develop a completely new lean on a problem. First, a word or phrase associated with a problem is written down. Then others are written down and so on. Every new word tries to add something new to the ongoing thinking process. This creates a chain of ideas that end with a new product idea.

Product planning and development process is a key factor in entrepreneurial success. You must first assess the criteria by assessing the market opportunity and size. One must assess current competitors, prices and marketing efforts. A new idea should interact with existing management options and marketing methods. The proposed product or service concept should be able to support and promote the company's financial well-being. One should assess whether the production condition of a new product complies with the current factory, machinery and personnel. Entrepreneurs should be concerned about formally evaluating an idea of ​​its development. The idea involves defining new product or service ideas and eliminating inefficient product or service ideas.

One must determine the need for the new concept and value of the company to ensure both before the idea takes place. The decision-making need should focus on the needs, timing, users involved in testing the product or service, the importance of market governance, overall structure and characteristics of the market. At the concept level, a new product should be further developed and cleaned through communication with consumers. The refined idea is then tested to determine consumer consent. Functions, prices and promotions should be evaluated for the term being investigated and what major competitors compete. The product development factor involves determining consumer response to the physical product. Employers can provide samples at this level. The final stage of the development process consists of the marketing of the test, which provides a real point of sale indicating consumer consent.

E-commerce is a relatively new concept in the business world and should be used creatively. The employer must deal with more specific issues regarding continuous development technology. For example, one must decide if he will run the internet activity or provide a project to another company. The website is often created and will be aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. Ninety percent of small businesses use websites and easy use is important with web pages. The website is a communication device, with search results and speed being equally important. A website should have a shopping cart, secure servers, credit card transactions and customer feedback. It should be custom for specific audience groups and should be compatible with different browsers.

Tracking customer information is important when dealing with e-commerce. This is often achieved with an electronic database. The operation supports personalized marketing and takes customer attention with customized simple marketing. It is critically important to protect the privacy of individuals in the storage of databases.

When e-commerce is a business, you should be able to deliver your products economically and comfortably. Products must be interesting for a large number of people and companies must be ready to send products from a geographical location. Online surgery must result in a significant reduction in costs in comparison with the retail.

We draw our attention to the generation of ideas for clothing for Libya. We use brain writing with a five-minute deadline to bring up new ideas. We draw a adjustable wrap for women who can roll up and then fasten with a velcro to shorten it when requested to offer additional clothing and style. We then used the checklist and found the following:

xi.Modify? New spin? Change meaning, color, image, shape?

a) Can offer a cloak in many colors like white, red and blue

xii. What else instead? Other materials?

(a) Can wear worn polyester / nylon fabrics as used in sports wear

b) Allows you to switch off sweat and moisture to keep your clothes dry and lightweight


We used the free organization to establish a list of associated words:

-xiii.cooling, lightweight, windproof, light colors, reflective material xiv. The result is a metallic material that reflects sunlight like aluminum foil

We then applied for a product development level to the new ideas to shape a final product concept. We first assessed our criteria by assessing market opportunities and size. The population of Libya is 6,173,579, so this will serve as our potential marketplace (Wikipedia, 2009). We then went to the idea area to identify new product ideas. These ideas included the following thinking process:

a) You can offer a cloak in many colors like white, red and blue

b) Can wear a cloth of a breathable polyester / nylon fabric as used

c) Roll up a velcro to shorten a robe for greater cooling and comfort

d) metallic material that reflects sunlight like aluminum foil


c) Can Inefficient Product / Service Ideas At This Level

a) Metallic Content Will Be Deleted

Really make the customer hotter and not cooler

xvi. Decide the need for the new concept and its value for the company to ensure both before the idea takes place

a) Multiple dress colors will appeal to other people

b) The wicking fabric of a robe will appeal to Men's more

c) Roller closet will appeal to women more

d) can lead to increased sales and market share

e) Profit from the company to sell more clothes while Meet the needs of each and every Customers through mass customization

We then followed the term level to develop and refine our new products ideas through consumer relations. We aim to participate in business exhibits to introduce our new ideas. We will show a prototype and receive feedback from prospective customers. Our cleared ideas will then be tested to determine consumer consent. We will take into account the consumer ideas and finish the prototypes accordingly. We will then consider the pricing and products of our competition and our products accordingly, in order to maintain a competitive edge. At product development level, we will determine consumer response to a physical product by allowing customers to try our clothes at business exhibitions. We will then participate in the marketing of the test by proving actual sales when our products enter the market.

The choice to use e-commerce to conduct one of the product development stages for actual marketing of the final product idea may include the creation of a website that is easy to use. We will introduce powerful search options, but ensure that our site performs at an acceptable rate. We will include a shopping cart, secure servers, credit card cards and customer feedback on our website. In addition, our site will be customized for specific audiences and compatible with different browsers. We will also monitor customer information by creating an electronic database that supports personal marketing. This will enable us to attract customer attention with customized simple marketing, while protecting the privacy of individuals with strong data collection. Shopping online operations will significantly reduce costs compared to having a store.

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