Create your own iPhone application and Apple App Market

How many people now own the Apple iPhone?

How many download apps for iPhone every single day?

It's now (already written) over 90,000 apps that can be downloaded to the App Store through the iPhone!

So many people I met with whom I work with have said exactly the same words to me – "This would not be a good idea as an application for my iPhone!"

I created a very personal application for iPhone earlier this year but I never took it anymore and I had also submitted it to the App Store as a free app & # 39; That's why I did not get money from it. To this day, this application has had the impression of blowing a number of downloads that I have only updated useful times there before it is still in demand within the session.

I became very motivated to develop next to things for iPhone through their cocoa programming and it was quite fun but very annoying sometimes to get things as you wish they were but from the first program I've made to me, I've created 2 other apps I've Released in the App Store to download at a cost of $ 0.99 for full release and FREE for download. It's just been amazing to see how much downloads for my apps are happening daily and it lets you be proud yet very powerful to think that you've done something that people from all over the world are using. At first, with one of my programs, there was a bit of a reaction that asked to get a part of it, and I spent most hours of the day getting it right and it will be a game because you're never happy until it's perfect is only perfect after trying to try it over and over again!

But in the end, the result is well worth it.

I've been told (please do not quote me) that Apple App Market makes around £ 123m a month just at the App Store! This talk to me is just amazing and being a part of it is a good feeling!

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