Create your own games: How can the image and photo captured of the movie let the game look like you?

If you want to learn how to create your own games, there are some things you need to know first. One of the most important areas of game design and development is the area Graphic Design.

Graphic design in game can replace all the difference between the poor looking game and professional looking game. In game design there is one particular difference that is particularly useful, and there is a distinction between Bitmaps and Vector Graphics.

Vector images are graphics created with mathematical equations. They store images in the form of line, color and vectors (points), making it very easy to measure Wallpaper without losing quality in the information in the image. Actually, the vector image must be generated before it can be seen, as it is stored in the form of mathematical information that can be interpreted visually.

Bitmaps on the other side are based pixels with pixel. Each dot (pixel) in the image has color information. This is how digital photography is stored and it has the main disadvantages of not allowing you to scale the image without the computer having to find information that very easily leads to visual noise being known as pixelization.

What pixelization is is that the pixels (pixels) in the picture are so big that they are actually visible. This was the case with old computers (8-bit graphics, for example) and is today used as graphic design technology to give pictures a little technical look.

Now, how can bitmaps and vector graphics make the game look professional?

First of all, know that vector graphics are created differently. They are more like pictures or drawings that are easy to edit (and for example, it's used as 2D animation technology). The thing is that you can easily use vector graphics to create animation and even games (Flash is a good example of this) that are "artistic".

On the other hand, bitmap processing will help you design the interface and give them the feeling that you want to give your buttons, menus, the screen … The thing is that if you do not know what vector images and bitmaps (raster images) are and how using them will be great

You can find the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator solutions or go to the free options (great and very powerful, I recommend them): The Gimp and Inkscape.

You Must Discover For the most part, you can combine the power of Vector and Raster Graphics to make the design much more powerful. From sprites (if you're working on a 2D game), the texture (if you're working in 3D), the video clips and video clips, there are many ways in which Bitmaps and Vector Graphics will make your designs much more attractive and professional , so your computer games look much better (and sell better).

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