Crazy products are women's best friend for self-defense?

For women's personal security, disguised women's self-defense products may be the best friend of women. In this article, we explain why disguised self-protection items are so popular, so effective, and thus become the best self-defense.

First of all, we need to explain that women are almost nine times more likely than men. It does not use geniuses when they are surveyed or when domestic violence violates the way for crimes against women. You can simply watch the news on the television or in the newspapers.

Consequently, women should have prepared their entire lives to protect them against an attack. Self-defense products such as drugs and pepper sprays are the most commonly unprotected products for self-protection and personal safety.

It's so effective that every law enforcement officer carries pepper-chips throughout the country as a primary non-self-defense self-defense tool. And most law enforcement officers carry a kind of stun gun, usually in the form of a taser.

Non-lethal self-defense tools used by civilians can block the attacker for 10 to 45 minutes without long-term damage. Pea spray everywhere in some countries is legitimate and limited. Narcotic devices have more restrictions and are not everywhere legal.

So in our minds, women need more protection for these self-defense devices than men. Not surprisingly, the camouflaged products are so popular. Attack, fast response time and plan are key to success and survival.

Women need all their little benefits, and self-defense products can even enjoy them for a few seconds. The self-defense camouflaged products are very effective, so they have become so popular that they become women's best friends.

If an attacker approaches you and pulls out a smart phone from your wallet and you start talking about it, no one is thinking twice today. But if this smart phone is a 3.8 million stunning device you can use for your self-defense and personal security, which puts things in a different light and levels the gameplay.

Charging the stun device so that the attacker will hear the tinkling sounds of the charging stun gun and you will see that leaking leakage from the probe to the probe is enough to prevent the attack.

Similarly, a huge paprika spray that is disguised as looking like a perfume dispenser can be a powerful self defense tool for personal safety.

If you are a woman, recognize the danger of your life to your personal security and stand with the disguised products that are actually self-defense elements. They will surely live in an assault position, which means that there may be a difference between survival and injury or worsening.

Source by James Lesney

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