Couples who create love positions – Position for better love

The Kama Sutra manual has listed different types of love relationships that couples can accept in sex. Some of the starring positions give more stimulation than the others, and it will be good for you to try them out with your lover.

1. Klippan. This post is very easy to implement and it is a great pleasure for both partners. The man is laying down with his legs stretched out. The woman will sit against him and lean back so that the man can play with her clitoris while she controls the movement of the movement. The man can just relax and enjoy the intercourse.

2. 90 degrees. This location is best carried out on a table where the woman lies on her and her buttocks at the edge of the table. The man will then come into it in a stable position. This position is ideal for the man to wipe both her breasts and her clitoris. The woman should wrap both her legs on the waist of man and pull him to her. This will cause the pressure to rise, giving both parties encouraging pleasure.

3. The Doggie. This is a classic winning position and it is very stimulating for both partners. This location starts with the woman going down all four by using her forearms to support herself. The man enters it from behind and controls movements with his hips. This position will give all affiliates great satisfaction as deep penetration will not only grind and stimulate vagina, but also G-Spot.

You should explore more love that makes a position with your spouse to spice things

Do you need more tips on love and ideas to enjoy a better love by loving your love? Check out the kama sutra website below for more ideas now:

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