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Estimated world with a mobile phone has now reached 4 billion. Although only 10% of these are smartphones, experts predict that the number will increase to 50%, as new phones will be released in 2011, 85% of smartphones will have access to mobile phones. With a high market, tends to attract a wide audience of great love to many industries, including learning and training solutions.

While the increase in these gadgets continues, the economy, which is still in line with the recession, is looking for ways to reduce costs. Human resource training and development, but useful and critical for the company's total production, cost a significant investment. ELearning can be a cost-effective effective training solution, but why stop there? Making study materials available in the field of telephones, PDAs and portable tablet computers means that students and students can take advantage of unfertilized time by learning new skills or increasing the knowledge of the company's growth.

Imagine listening to a lecture on developing better communication while driving to and from work; While waiting for a long queue, you could view and listen to a webinar to improve encoding skills; or while you wait for your laundry, you could play an educational game aimed at increasing your vocabulary.

Mlearning or mobile learning is still in birth. There are limitations to translating elearning courses used in desktops and laptops for smaller and slower PDA and smartphone. For example, ubiquitous iPhone that refuses to deny playing flash animation. The case interferes with users who know that the internet is filled with videos and animations. Flash animations would have been a great tool for interactive youth activity, but developers need to solve the problem by using HTML5 instead.

While many developers are still working on creating content to offer a cost effective training solution for mobile phones, here are some of the interesting ones:

Moodle4iPhones – People are familiar with this most common, entrepreneurial and Moodle is now launching a project that makes it accessible through iPhone and iPod Touches. The project is still in its performance but after testing and clearing bugs, the program will be free to download to the iTunes App Store and will probably be free in other app stores such as Android as it is open source software.

iTunes U iTunes University has been available for some time now. They are mostly used by students, but there is no reason why companies can not use the site. There are free language lessons for free that will be a useful tool for students in communication. For software engineers and developers, there is a collection of courses in programming in different languages. Business executives will love lectures on the latest trends in business practices.

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips – Initially, Grammar Girl was only a press release from Mignon Fogarty. This success showed it on other media such as books and audio books. Sometimes other podcasts were developed that target mostly adults in the workplace but are still accessible to all, including adolescents. Some of the successful podcasts for business and work include: Money Girl, Legal Lad, The Winning Investor, The Dealista, The Get-It-Done Guy, The Public Speaker, The Digital Market and Sales Guy. Recently, Grammar Girl started going to a program where it combines storage materials, tweets, guides that are useful for improving grammar and writing.

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