Convert audio to text using your smartphone

Do not need to use your computer if you need to change the audio format in text and send an email or other text files. You can do that by using your mobile phone. If the idea is a downturn where you have to enter the words using the small keys of the device and you are too lazy to do it, do not worry. There are smartphone applications that want to convert voice to text effectively.

Dragon dragon

You guessed it right. The program will convert the words you say in text. What you need to do is click the start button and the nice program will rewrite you – you must have the exact words you are talking about converting to text. One thing you may dislike is that the texts appear later on from your dictation. However, there is something that you can use to use the application several times. You can do the business while lying on your back, so saving yourself is not a big challenge.

Evernote for Android

If you are looking for an update compared to the above application, you can go to Evernote. It will record important audio files from seminars, meetings, reports, and other similar features, and automatically convert the files into text. This is very great because you can search part of the recording and play back if there is something that needs more understanding of the text file you read. This software will convert your mobile device into a recording and commercial device.

Evernote is free but the application is dependent on Google so you need an internet connection for it to work.

Voice messenger

No, I'm not talking about hiring someone as your personal assistant. I'm talking about this app that will work as such. What's more, it will not only convert text in text. It also has very convenient features that automatically connect to email, Twitter or Facebook, if you want to send or share messages. You do not have to worry about problems when you do it due to installation. Voice Assistant is smart enough to convert it to the required format before you have to request it. It also learns every time you use it, can detect bug errors, and will provide suggestions.

If you are a visual person, you can print the text format by connecting the smartphone to your printer. The app comes with a very reasonable price of $ 0.99.

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