Consumer Guide – Cell Phone Review on Free Samsung BlackJack II I617 for AT & T

Ultra thin and shiny Samsung BlackJack II i617 for AT & T brings you a wide range of multimedia options that are updated from the previous BlackJack model. The operating system is Windows Mobile 6 with a larger RAM that provides faster speeds to get your work done much faster.

In addition, the Samsung BlackJack II i617 for AT & T comes with built-in GPS with Telenav audible turn-back driving instructions. Other exciting features include upgrading 2.0 megapixel camera / camcorder, on board XM satellite TV, server and stereo Bluetooth for tons of entertainment options. 3G Broadband Cellular Data makes email and web surfing very fast!

Advanced features for the Samsung BlackJack II i617 for AT & T are:

  • Digital Camera – Yes, 2 Megapixel (1600 x 1200 pixel Resolution), 4x Digital Zoom, Multi-shot, Auto Camera [19659005] On Multimedia Support – (CV) and AT & T music entertainment, XM Satellite Radio pre-loaded
  • Direct to printer printing – Yes, supports Bluetooth BIP profile to support directly to printer printer
  • MP3 player – Windows Media Player 10 Allows you to play MP3, WMV playlists, Album Art, USB Mass Storage
  • Attachment View (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) – Yes, Microsoft Windows Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF View All Built-In Software
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Yes, v2.0 Handsfree, Headset and DUN, OPP, HID Snapshot
  • Video Capture / Camcorder – Yes, Length determined only by available memory, animation, H.263 and MPEG4 s support [19659005] QWERTY keyboard – Yes, backlight, cleared ergonomics over first generation BlackJack
  • Upgradeable – Yes, AT & T allows the device to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard Edition at a later date
  • GPS service support – Yes , built-in GPS radio and Telenav GPS Navigator for audible turnaround
  • Voice-controlled menus – Yes, read the phone to drag over a dozen applications with your voice
  • Data that can be used / Use this phone as a modem – Yes, software and USB cable Included, broadband speed (network)
  • Bluetooth headset (A2DP) – Yes, A2DP and AVRC format supported so you can play audio to compatible Bluetooth devices
  • Computer synchronization – Software and USB cable Included, or denied by flight with Microsoft ActiveSync

We tested call features and general nt call quality was very good. The message in the Samsung BlackJack II i617 for AT & T was very good. Chat is available for AIM, Yahoo and MSN users. Estimates and productivity actions were good. Samsung BlackJack II i617 for AT & T uses Windows Mobile 6 calendar application.

The attached multimedia player supports Napster and Yahoo Music files. Web browsing was only moderate because the scroll wheel is unreliable but the pages load quickly because of 3G speed. The added GPS in this new Samsung BlackJack II is a welcome feature but the slow response GPS sensor was another.

Prices and availability range from $ 0 – $ 329.99 from various mobile phone sales.

In summary, the Samsung BlackJack II i617 for AT & T made good results in our tests and we highly recommend the mobile phone.

Source by Ricardo Razon

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