Connecting a Netbook to a Wireless Network

One of the great advantages of a netbook or mini laptop is that it's portable because it's small and light. To do this, you should take full advantage of this by creating a wireless network that eliminates the need for wires and allows you to connect to the broadband Internet when your netbook is turned on and share the connection between multiple computers if you want.

Broadband Types

There are two types of broadband service: ADSL that uses telephone lines, and Cable that uses a cable network. Both of them need a device named "router" in order to operate and differ for all services. Make sure broadband service has the right type of router or it will not work.

Why is wireless connection?

If you are using a wired router connection using an ADSL or cable modem, you can only connect one computer as it has only one network (Ethernet) port from the router to your computer. However, with a wireless router, you can connect the Ethernet cable to the router, which transmits the wireless signal to as many computers as you want.

Router Types

When you first sign up as a Broadband ISP, you will send a router that you must install to be able to connect to a computer. Calmly, if you have a cable service (for example, Virgin Media or NTL in the UK), an engineer visits your home and is wearing a "cable modem" first. You still have to connect the router.

Network Setup

There are only a few easy steps to set up a wired connection; connects a cable from the phone socket (or cable modem) to the router and another cable from the router to the computer, turns it on, sets up the router, sets security, and is ready. Each ISP provides detailed guidance on how to assign it specifically to the service, so please follow the instructions and follow them.

Each computer needs a wireless card (or adapter) to read this signal and connect to the Internet, but the latest laptops and netbooks have built it up. If you can set up a home or office wireless network to connect to the Internet, you can share printers and even files between computers connected to the network – so any computer can send work to the printer.

To configure the wireless network, you need the following components:

  • Broadband Internet Connection (ADSL or Cable)
  • Depending on the ISP's modem
  • filter and / or signal splitter, an ADSL telephone line
  • wireless router and two network cables
  • with a built-in wireless network card or
  • If not installed, all wireless network adapters on each computer

Setting Up Wireless Broadband

you need to configure the wireless network as follows:

1. Step

Connect the filter to the phone socket and then the cable from the filter to the ADSL modem

2. Step

Connect Cable 1 to the ADSL Modem

3. Step

Turn on the modem


Connect the other end of the cable to the router

Important : If you do not have a modem, plug the filter (micro filter) into the phone socket and connect the phone line from the filter directly at the back of the router.

5th Step

Turn on power on the router

6. Step

Connect the cable to the router

7. Step

Connect Cable 2 to the Ethernet Port of Your Computer

8. Step

Turn on the computer and open the browser

9. Step

Enter the default IP address ( to open the configuration panel

10. Configure the router as follows:

default username usually "admin"

default password usually "admin"

enter the network key (SSID)


Specify security settings

select WEP or WPA -PSK

select the encryption type

When you have finished configuring the router, unplug the Ethernet cable from the computer. You should now look up the available networks from the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Find the network you just set and select Connect.

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