Connect to HDTV with a TV tuner for Apple Mac

Are you ready for HD television on Apple computer? The Mac compatible TV tuner allows you to watch TV on your Macintosh system when you receive TV signals. You can watch TV shows and, optionally, record them on your computer's hard drive. TV tuner cards increase the capabilities of your computer and provide the digital video recorder (DVR) brightness at affordable prices and easy installation. Simply plug in the tuner into your Mac, install the software, and connect the coaxial source anywhere Antenna, Cable or Satellite.

Hybrid TV tuners support standard definition (SD) analog and high definition (HD) digital TV signals. They also work as video recording cards. The hybrid tuners not only allow the capture of television programs in both formats, but the analogue part can also record the contents of DVD players, VHS packets, gaming systems, and other S-Video or Composite Analog video sources.

Digital TV tuners leave the world of analog signals and simply focus on signals from the digital QAM cable or the ATSC antenna connection. Especially for Mac users who use an antenna in the United States, a digital tuner all you need or want is to simply watch and record the television.

The vast majority of Apple TV tuners are an external USB TV tuner stick or a small box that connects to the Mac via the high-speed USB 2.0 port. USB 2.0 is required for smooth, fast video playback. USB stick tuners are a compact, portable solution via MacBook or iBook TV on the go. Some tuners are equipped with a small portable antenna or remote control to fill the package. Add a good stereo loudspeaker and your Mac will become a mini home theater system.

The most important Mac compatible TV tuner manufacturers include ElGato, Equinux, Pinnacle, Hauppauge and SiliconDust. TV tuners for Mac OSX are in the price range between $ 50 and $ 175. At the higher end some hybrid TV tuners include hardware encoding of analogue signals to accelerate compression and reduce computer performance. For digital content, the TV signal has already been compressed and encoded.

Video has always been a big challenge for personal computers. So the system requirements for rapidly expanding television on the Macintosh system are geared towards fast, modern Intel processor computers. You want to store a lot of memory, and Time-Shift shows you are watching and there is plenty of disk space to save recorded programs. Really, a fast G5 processor Mac is the minimum. Ideally, Macintosh must have a Core Duo Intel processor running the latest version of Apple OSX operating system to meet the requirements of analog compression and display and export full-screen HD video content.

OSX's two most popular Personal Video Recorder (PVR) programs include ElGato EyeTV and Equinux Software's TheTube for managing viewing, channel switching, tuning, recording, and video export functions. Both provide EPG and electronic program guide for the current program series. Simple export options allow you to record recorded TV shows on your disc or view your personal video player, iPad, iPod or iPhone programming. Many 3rd party tuners are compatible with both programs. Several TV Tuners for the Mac ship with EyeTV Lite, with a simplified version of the basic functions as part of the software included.

Take your Apple media release to the next level. Find out more about how to enjoy the HD TV on your MacBook or Macintosh desktop. You like to watch and record your TV on Mac!

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