Computer running Slow? Vista can help

This might be a surprise, but Vista has some tools that can help you if your computer is running slowly. Do not worry, it's easy to use, and after a few minutes you can use them all.

Unfortunately, since we buy a computer, their performance starts to go down. Here are some of the main reasons why and what you can do to help.

1. A full disk

If your disk is full or over, your computer will start running slowly. For one thing, having to replace a lot of junk while trying to find the data you want to get. There are other things too, but let's keep it simple. The bottom line is Vista can help.

Just click the Start button type cleanmgr and then press . Vista will guide you through the rest, and do not worry, you will not break anything here.

2. Hard Drive Fragmentation

Hard disk fragmentation serious is not it? But in fact, it's easy to understand the explanation …

Your hard disk stores files in lumps. But for reasons that usually help, it does not store all the lumps in one place.

Over time, you add and remove programs and files, and your hard disk winds up by having these chunks scattered all over. Defragmentation fixes this and Vista has covered us again.

To defragmentate your hard drive, click the Start button, All Programs Accessories System Tools and then ] Disk Defragmenter .

This application is super simple and you can just click the " defragment now …" button and do it with it. But if " Run schedule (recommended) " option is not selected, select it and just go to the default options. This will save you a headache later.

3. Launcher

Launcher can really take a long time on your computer. And many of them are completely unnecessary. They crawl over time when you install more and more programs.

The first and best song here is to remove all that you do not use. This will of course keep them running at the start and it will help with the drive too.

After that, Save your back again with a tool called MSCONFIG . Scary name is not it?

Well, it does not have to be afraid. All you need to do is click the Start button and enter msconfig and then press and enter . Select Startup tab and uncheck all you do not want to run.

Thumbs up, if you do not know what it is, do not turn it off. Feeling right? But do not worry, there will be plenty of junk you know you do not have to run all the time.

4. Registry Bloat

I saved the worst at last. Unfortunately, this can be the main reason why your computer is running slowly and fixing is dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Indeed, it can be dangerous even if you do.

Your registry is a large database that stores almost all of the information your computer needs to run. Adding and removing programs causes it to end up and accessibility is slow. Because everything in the vision depends on it, your computer suffers; which of course means you suffer.

There is a lot of information on the web to deal with this monster alone if you will. But there are also programs out there called registry cleaners that will clean it up, compact it, and make it run smoothly for just a few bucks.

Personally, I dwell from the registry and uses a cleaner registry to make a heavy lift for me. And since I need my computer to run at its best all the time, I only run my cleaner registry every week and keep things simple.

A lot of things can slow down your computer. Fortunately, Vista helps to make some of the main things quite easy to fix. So what are you waiting for? Come to work and hurry up the bad boy up.

Source by Cliff Woods

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