Comparison of iPhone and iPhone 3G

The movement that iPhone came into the market followed a technological revolution in the mobile phone market. People felt a little imperfection but loved it. So based on iPhone's weaknesses, Apple Inc. began The second generation iPhone, iPhone 3G, June 9, 2008 that had been added to many things. So we'll make a comparison of two generations to see what had been changed to the iPhone 3G.

1. The contours.
As we can see from the pictures, the colors on the iPhone are black and white. But the iPhone 3G is totally black or totally white. The coverage of the iPhone was metal while 3G was plastic so the 3G is a little lighter than the iPhone. And about the size of two mobile phones, 3G is a little bigger than iPhone that is hard to find with eyes.

2. Main Comparison
Comparison with iPhone, iPhone 3G learned lessons from MacBook Air design, so the ring on the back of the phone made the phone a little more beautiful. Another factor was that the connection to the headset, which was a major problem in its Apple products, was improved. The 3.5 mm headphone jack was designed on the side of a mobile phone and it allows any kind of headset to be used.

3. Networking
The difference between networks was an obvious difference between two mobile phones. iPhone does not support 3G networks that aim to be criticized by media. This time, the iPhone 3G had increased to 3.5G and supported the WCDMA / HSDPA network. By function & # 39; say speed is much faster than the Nokia N95.

4. Built-in Operation
Another advantage of the iPhone 3G was that the GPS unit was added that supports mobile navigation and location search. The camera was the same as iPhone, but for GPS, it could give a geographic grid to the pictures. The phone could record latitude, longitude and height shooting positions. And the video per inch (ppi) on the iPhone 3G increased to 163 ppi from 160 ppi of iPhone without adding the screen and analyzing.

5. Battery
The battery of the iPhone 3G was still designed as fast as iPhone. Standby and talk time iPhone 3G had increased a lot by comparison with the iPhone. Talk time in the 2G network increased from 8 hours to 10 hours and the waiting time rose from 250 hours to 300 hours. But online time, music and video playtime did not change from the past. Additionally, a iPhone 3g sales package is designed to help customers easily capture the SIM card.

6. Software
Recovery iPhone 3G in software was successful. It could support many languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian languages. And it supports the recognition of gestures. The iPhone 2.0 firmware could support the AppStore software store that developers around the world could release with free or sell iPhone software through the store.

7. Price
The last difference that the customers could experience was the price of two mobile phones. The iPhone 3G was only 199 dollars when it first entered the market. So it was cheaper than the iPhone.

All these differences compiled, we could find the difference between the iPhone and iPhone 3G clearly. But in all, they are cell phones, though they have the difference, but they would not change much. They are Apple cell phones.

Source by Ellen Zhou

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