Comparing the Cutting Edge VR Device for 2017

With the stream of virtual reality devices that have been launched recently, the entertainment industry touches new hair. While the VR concept has been in technical space for a long time, it has been recently that IT giants have broken through the long-standing barriers to using it for various VR devices. While some of them need dedicated browsing, others can be accessed by mobile phones.

Virtual reality is a fascinating way of utilization in a diverse environment with powerful technology. Using headphones and motion detection sensors, you can view actual space. Some of the recently launched VR devices include HTC Vive with HTC, Oculus CV1 with Facebook and Gear VR from Samsung and Daydream from Google.

With the power to use VR with computers and mobile phones, it's exciting time ahead for VR systems. Although the price range is different, the features are similar and different depending on the VR platform for which the devices are intended. So let's take a look at various aspects and key features of different, latest VR devices.

Mobile phone or compressor experience

Now VR devices can be classified under a bundle or mobile phone. The mobile headsets have space to fit the smartphone and are basically just framed with specialized lenses. These lenses ensure that the screen is divided into two pictures. This turns the smartphone into the advanced VR device. The mobile headsets are Google Daydream View and Samsung Gear VR. The disadvantage is that the smartphones are not designed for real reality, so the picture quality is not very good, even with special headsets. However, VR allows devices on a connected or dedicated platform, such as Oculus CV1 with Facebook and HTC Vive to walk in virtual space while physically connected to a computer. While connected cables take it limited and little unconsciously, the clarity and the feeling is higher.

However, you do not need to install equipment in your face as image processing is done on your computer. The dedicated display in the headset is enough and you do not need a smartphone or motion sensor. Enhanced camera tracking improves image quality and headquarters. However, Oculus has the experience of finishing another VR headphone because it has a built-in headphone.

VR Device Weight

If you use all of the above VR devices, it will notice that HTC is heaviest at 555 g when it comes to net weight. Oculus CV1 plot 470 gm, Samsung Gear VR is 318 gm and Google Daydream is just 220 gm. However, compared to Oculus CV1 or Daydream with HTC, though Oculus is light but HTC has a larger scale and the Steam VR is very good.


When it comes to cutting edge technology and a future-oriented approach, HTC handles work over a competitor VR device. Although heavily confronted, it has two motion controllers and a dual base of Lighthouse stations to get a sense of the real reality of the area. It strikes the rest in measurements with regard to secrecy and law. It's technically impressive because this device has the only VR system that follows your movement within ten feet of cubes instead of your seat. Motion control is more complicated than the VR devices. By using Stream VR as the content center, HTC Vive keeps ahead with seamless experience compared to other competing devices. It can even connect to iPhone and Android devices to receive messages and notifications when the player is in VR.

Terms of Use

When it comes to comfort, Google Daydream comes to Top. The soft knitted fabric that comes under the headphones ensures that it fits snugly and stays well. Some critics thought it was like a soft pillow. Powered by Android Nougat, Daydream firs on the Pixel phone snugly and comes with a very sensitive remote that has app, home buttons and volume control.

The Future of VR Devices

Screw VR Devices Using Mobile Phones Are Here To Be and That's Exactly the reason why Samsung Gear VR is the one to bet. In terms of resolution, it uses 2560 with 1440 Galaxy smartphones with graphics and internal motion sensors that are accurate. The touchpad and the buttons on the side place the VR gadget above the rest. Work through Milk VR catalog Samsung or Oculus app, from casual gaming to high end video consumption, that's enough to keep users busy.

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