Compared to iPad Vs iPad 2

The release of the new iPad 2 is approaching, and many are asking how the upcoming model is going with its predecessor. As expected, significant differences and updates will appear in comparison to the new version. But that does not mean that all parts must be better than the original. It depends on you whether you need new technology, but some consumers are lighter and better to buy older models at a reduced price.

Let's talk about what to expect when you buy an iPad 2. One of the hottest rumors about new hardware and updates:

  • Processor – Raises iPad's computing performance to a new level by adding a dual-core 1GHz processor . The iPad currently has a single-core 1GHz chassis, so if that's true, it will be able to handle much more through multi-threading.
  • Dimensions – Width and height must be nearly the same, but the thickness and weight will be reduced to make this portable device more mobile.
  • Camera – The iPad 2 boasts the front and rear cameras, just like the new iPhone models. The rear camera will be 720p HD quality.
  • White Model – The original iPad came in only a few moments and it changes with the new release. Apple will offer a white version for the iPad, which has a lot of wear and tear. – Some people are waiting for the update, but the most important thing was that it would not be possible to keep a low price level for a higher resolution LED screen.
  • Hard Disk Space – iPad 2 will be available in three sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB, just like the current iPad.
  • Cost – The new iPad 2 will cost $ 499, which means that the older models will drop its price. This is great news for those who want to save money and do not mind the older version.

Apple and the new iPad craze will continue, even if new tablets are launched. Thanks to the high demand, your hands can be reached for a while as it definitely determines the mobile computing standard, just like a year ago.

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