Compare Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2 for camera performance and shooting

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 has recently been introduced, and this is a model that manufacturers hope will follow its popular predecessor, following the Galaxy S2. We looked at whether this new device was different from S2 and found that although the model boasts a much better screen, there are few design choices for the design. Here we compare the other elements of the two tools to see if there are any other improvements.

Samsung Galaxy S2 was the first model launched by a powerful, dual-core processor company. Despite the fact that the model was released 12 months ago, the chipset it uses can still be very favorably compared to a range of medium-range devices. The handset features an ARM Cortex A9 processor with a 1.2GHz clock. This processor is part of the Exynos 4210 chipset, which also boast a highly-suited Mali 400MP graphics processor unit. Although this setting helps the model to compete with some great mid-range phones, this does not match what many new premium devices offer, but the new Samsung Galaxy S3 has a chipset that gives money to all mobile phones. The model features a high performance quad-core processor with a 1.4 GHz duration. While there are few applications that can take full advantage of all four cores, there are many improvements, and when released, we will see great performance improvements. S3 actually uses the same graphics processing unit as its predecessor, but this chip is still one of the best available so it would be nonsense. Due to double the number of cores and their higher performance, the new S3 processor is capable of delivering performance from almost any other available phone, including the Galaxy S2.

Another area where the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is a major step forward in S2 with the features of the camera. The new model allows users to take 8-megapixel photos. Although this is the same as what many of the current smartphones offer, which is most impressive to us, the range of excellent features for the camera. A great example of this is the ability to capture HD video and simultaneously record it. Other great features include fast capture mode that captures 3.3 photos per second and automatically selects the best and the capabilities of phones to recognize photos with friends using face recognition. The Galaxy S2 delivers the same still image but has a lot of basic features, including touch focus and LED flash. Both devices offer 1080P resolution, although S3 720P can also be shipped from the secondary camera of the phone. The two Galaxy devices both offer excellent picture and video quality, but the S3 offers a lot more in this area.

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great tool with great enhancements over the Galaxy S2. The model includes a more powerful chipset, which includes a quad-core processor, while shooting is supported by some of the newest tools.

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