Compact, Noise and Great Efficiency – Mini Split Ceiling Cassette

What is a Small Ceiling Tape?

The air cassette is a sunroom, an air concentrate that shows a lot of air Flow contours for even traffic.


Available in

75 tonnes to 4 tonnes

] Cooling equipment from 10000 to over 30000

BTU heating from 10000 to over 30000

SEER from 13 to 22

In addition to features such as Overheating, Energy Starters and Small Environmental Action

1. Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Box

They offer a wide airflow pattern for better air flow in less distinctive style. They have inside units that can be used in a 1: 1 heat pump as well as multi-area systems giving more potential to their customers. You can create the units in solid air or in 2×2 free space. They have 4 sensing possibilities in ventilation, as well as a number of options for the 1: 1 systems. Most of their 1: 1 systems are power star of a star. However, a thermostat is required for operation. The thermal station is sold separately.

2. Samsung air cassette

It is available for your convenience. It's a lightweight body that allows it to be stuck in standard 24 inch tiles. Their air cassette is also a perfect ventilation system for apartments for both residential and light commercial buildings.

3. LG airbags

LG presents this in 18,000 to 42,000 BTU capacity. The internal units are usually non-communicating equipment and provide relief in large open spaces. The series is called HV and HV4. The unparalleled unit has a very pleasing internal unit plan. 4-way controlled louvres and fan speed settings allow for the distribution of fair air. The steering wheel is easy and comes with wireless and wired remote control.

4. Pioneer Ceiling Cassette

Another brand is Pioneer. A small inverter-duftless ventilation system and their heating systems are both very quiet and offer better skills. It serves as the perfect equipment for working with solar or multiple doses, with a single piece of ductless internal unit. The main advantage is its outstanding quiet operation. Their latest design is powerful and reliable performance that offers enormous energy efficiency.

The Advantage of Installing the Air Bag

It merges like a dream in any decoration.

They provide cooling or heating facilities with excellent ability and minimal noise.

This system provides power saving. You can enjoy sleep with reduced power consumption compared with standard cooling systems.

The system offers a pleasant skin temperature. The skin feels good during the night with precise temperature control.

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