Common Apple IPhone Complaints

What's the problem?

Many people believe that iPhone is a perfect tool, and many people are thinking about what the customers might be complaining about. In fact, there are some things. One of the most common iPhone objections is Flash.

First announced that it will be a flash player for the iPhone and then found that there were problems like the Flash player could not carry the iPhone. This discussion is essentially missed and has no conclusion yet.

Corporate discounts are another important issue. Appropriately, AT & T does not take any corporate discounts when switching from an existing contract to a service plan related to iPhone and many iPhone users feel cheated. After all, this is really something to think about, and it's no surprise that this is one of the biggest iPhone complaints.

One of the most common iPhone complaints is that you have a problem with receiving your iPhone on the O2 network. This is obviously due to battery problems in the iPhone, but it is still a cause for concern. Especially when considering the retail costs of iPhone, it is no wonder owners feel as if they simply did not have to deal with such issues.

Of course, one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone that has happened so far is that it is too expensive. For hundreds of millions of dollars, even if you are discounting, many people just do not know how much they spend, and even consumers who have the money they feel like spending that money on the phone even for many uses.

iPhone complaints are common, just like with almost any other similar product. It is important that other consumers are aware of these complaints as they can only play a role in deciding whether or not to buy the phone.

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