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Since their explosion has become popular, cell phones are increasingly feature-rich and sophisticated, with plenty of additional features or even replace other devices like media players, digital cameras and PDAs. At the forefront of this technology in the smartphone, devices that threaten the line between mobile phones and PDAs.

Smartphone: Changes Definitions

By definition, smartphone is a mobile phone containing PDA Personal Digital Assistant). A PDA is a small, handheld device that replicates the main characteristics of personal computer, especially document viewing, tasks, and contact management and Internet access. Smartphone, but possibly sharing many of these features, is still characterized by "voice-centric" devices, but the PDA is by its nature "data-centric". Rather than one device instead, PDAs and smartphones have often evolved into pace, with PDA capabilities on more voice and smartphones including features that were previously limited to PDA.

Most modern smartphones include internet access and email, scheduling or PIM software, relationship management and ability to read (and sometimes create) file formats like Word, Excel and PDF. Many smartphones also have a built-in camera, music player and GPS navigation software, which makes them a good substitute for a variety of other devices. As mobile phone technology continues to evolve, many features that were previously isolated for smartphones are common in central mobile phones. As such, the definition of what is precisely "smartphone" is constantly evolving.

Pricing and services for various smartphones will of course vary by carrier. For example, if you have Verizon smartphone the BlackBerry Voice and Data Extension from Verizon Wireless offers 450 minutes of real-time, unlimited nights and weekends, and almost unlimited data usage (Web browsing, email and chat) for $ 79, 99 per month. On the other hand, Cingular's Good Mobile Messaging Smartphone Connect service, specially offered from the basic voice service, provides unlimited usage of data within the scope of the site for $ 34.99 per month. Add this to Cingular's 450-minute basic voice package ($ 39.99 per month) and it comes out at a very competitive $ 75 a month from Cingular.

Most Popular Smartphones

Although not as varied as regular mobile phones, smartphones are available in a variety of styles and devices. In terms of culture and mind sharing, Blackberry is probably the most popular and recognizable smartphone on the market. The BlackBerry 8800, for example, features almost everything the customers have expected in smartphone: full QWERTY keyboard, internet and email access, documentary, integrated music and media players and built-in GPS capabilities. (For users who need a digital camera, Blackberry Pearl or the new Blackberry Curve are an excellent choice.)

However, if you're looking for something more transparent than BlackBerry, Palm Treo is slim and sporty (available in special Crimson Red), with digital camera with video recording, MP3 player and Bluetooth.

Like many smartphones, Treo eliminates the need to carry many other devices. For the user who is very passionate about multimedia, Ultra-slim Blackjack Cingular is one of the most video-intensive smartphones available, feature rich media player and Cingular Video. The Cingular Music Service Blackjack supports various online stores, as well as XM satellite radio, making it an ideal choice for the user who wants smartphone and powerful media player in one convenient package.

As with all new technology, new products are constantly pushing the limit. IPhone Apple Apple promises to raise the pole even more, not only with cameras, multimedia devices, text messaging, browsing and wireless connections, but touchscreen and virtual keyboard that promises to bring new user benefits, with Apple

A Smart Choice for you?

While many mobile phone users are more than happy with the features of mobile phones, smartphones offer a lot of people who want or need Internet access, email and multimedia while away from home or office. While the smartphone price tag is often significantly higher than the middle of the mobile phone, the smartphone can be a very economical choice based on the cost of all the devices that it can actually replace. For frequent business travelers or anyone who is just on the go a lot, the smartphone can be fabulous suddenly a solution.

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