ColorSplash – The iPhone App

ColorSplash is an iPhone app developed by Hendrik Kueck, which allows you to quickly select and change the color of your photos. Available on June 16, 2009, ColorSplash has become a hugely popular app. Users are satisfied with the product, especially the usability, functional interface and quality of the results.

ColorSplash defects color pollution, which enables users to convert photos in black and white while certain areas are available. This process can be done quickly and easily with the touch screen. Users can choose to rotate the entire picture black and white and then paint & # 39; with his finger to focus on certain areas. Application application takes only a few minutes to learn and a little more time to study. A free video tutorial is with the program to help beginners with the basics. The ColorSplash app can quickly give pictures a dramatic and attractive look.

Even with a simple and sometimes uncomfortable camera iPhone, ColorSplash can work miracles. Basic information and running families can be given a different life and are much more interested in using the application. Users believe that the app encourages them to apologize for using it and taking much more pictures than they would normally have the opportunity to use it.

The latest version, version 1.3, has been available from June 16, 2009 and has sold over 12,000 downloads. App users have overwhelmingly accepted it and those who have downloaded it have highly ranked it. Out of 4,758 ratings for the current issue, the average is 3.5 out of 5 stars.

ColorSplash has received a lot of positive reviews in the app store. Buyers are fond of such an inexpensive and easy to use app can do so much. Before the program came out, people had to have working knowledge of Photoshop to achieve the same delays. ColorSplash is much easier to use and much more affordable than Photoshop or other image processing software. The majority of reviews published in the App Store and elsewhere on the internet express a very positive view of ColorSplash, and critics are constantly impressed by how effective it is and how easy it is to use.

Source by Neal Adam Hamou

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