Classic 762 mobile phone

The highlight of the ZTE Classic 762 phone is the big screen. In parallel, various functions are also very suitable.


The LCD screen of the ZTE Classic 762 phone has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. The screen will soon catch your attention. It's sleek and stylish as well as attractive looks.

Key Features

Directory The ZTE 762 phone supports numerous contacts. Also, keep 1 group and 1 email address on each contact.

Also has the ZTE Classic 762 3 Way Calling facility. You can also call it as a conference call. In a conference call, more than three participants are involved. The conference call is sometimes considered to allow the caller to join the call, or the call can be set up so that the caller only listens to the call and can not speak.

To call three ways, call the first person with what you want to talk. Then press the Hook button and call the other person the number. While it rings, press the flash again. This will put three people together. This option also allows you to add another call in a connected call. Here you can make the 3-inch calling feature of the ZTE Classic 762 phone a great asset.

The facility of the call also allows you to talk to handsfree. Also, many people can agree at the same time with this addition to the feature.

The united 32 polyphonic ringtones in the ZTE Classic 762 phone give you a variety of ring tones to choose from. You also have the option of having a different tone for others who call.

Many options are available with SMS too. You can have SMS chat and SMS on call rejected. The ZTE Classic 762 phone comes with Nokia smart messaging. Thus it is a complete feature packed phone.

Activity Features

Now the ZTE Classic 762 phone with FM wireless. So listen to your favorite music and let others grow in the same! Kong Mong's integrated game is fun playing and losing time. The accessories included with the ZTE CLASSIC 762 phone are many to be registered. It has a calculator. This feature comes true when you do not have a calculator around you. World Clock shows various schedules. Airplane facilities are a good idea of ​​the company's share. Stop watching and the alarm makes this phone complete.


The ZTE Classic 762 phone is powered by a high battery; 1000 mAh Li ion. Additionally, you get 1 extra battery. A fully charged phone! Go catch it now!

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