Chrome Notebook Vs iPad 2.0

Google finally announced the launch of the Chromebook; people have long been waiting for this tool. On the other hand, the iPhone has launched the iPad 2.0, which is also very attractive and better than the iPad 1.0. Did you think you were buying the two? Which one to buy? Here's a brief comparison between Chrome Notebook and iPad 2.0.

Although the Chrome Notebook is not yet available on the market, we can help with decision making. The features of the Chromebook that we will discuss will be revealed by the test driver. The iPad is already on the market and has been used by more people so we can consider the properties of the two.

Chrome Netbook is very fast and takes 10 seconds to restart. It contains 16 GB of SSD storage, but can not be used directly. Your Chromebook has a front camera and wireless (Wi-Fi or 3G) access. The Chromebook keyboard is very nice and well designed. Battery life is very long. One disadvantage is that the beta version drops a lot; test pilots are positive that this problem would have ensured when the device was commercialized.

The iPad 2.0 is also very fast and there is an A4 processor – we think Playbook processing power. Like the Chromebook, there are 16GB SSDs, cameras in front and back. It has wireless access and a digital keypad. The battery life is approx. 8 hours and allows high-speed Internet browsing. It also offers great applications; but does not support Flash. The disadvantage is that the user is locked in Apple's increasingly restrictive "environment".

The Google Chrome Netbook would cost between $ 320 and $ 450, and iPad 2.0 would cost $ 650. When comparing prices, Chrome Netbook wins. However, if iPad is available at a lower price, for example, for about $ 500, it will surely be better to buy the iPad 2.0 as it is easier, more portable and offers a platform than the traditional computer. Apple has been developing computing devices and mobile phones for a long time, as fewer problems are expected in the apple device. Chrome Netbook is Google's first commercial computing device: Google will need a few years to be perfect.

Source by M Ali Khalid

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