Choosing the right smartphone for mobile phone solutions

As an ever increasing number of phones are released on the home market, how do you choose the right device? In recent discussions with customers and colleagues as it seems that everyone has their own willingness for mobility. Some like Android devices, some like iPhone, some Blackberry. It's really a personal choice. However, with global hype around "bring your own device" (BYOD) is this really the way forward? These are some of the things to keep in mind with BYOD:

• Security – the number one in my list. Is my data secure?
• Support – How do I support multiple equipment and many OS versions?
• Sustainability – When Apple updates OS or the next runner is released, will the application support them? Will my users update their personal tools?

This brings me some important questions:
• What happens when an employee buys a new phone?
• What happens if my employee loses his phone?
• How do I manage the BYOD system?

The obvious answer for me, and what I've discussed with customers, is to provide employees with a limited range of options with the default option that can be found.

The release of Windows Phone 8 has set a new perspective on objects. Nokia sells some great low cost high quality devices with the Windows Phone 8 operating system. The great thing about Windows Phone 8 is that it's very close to the actual Windows 8 operating system (it shares the same core features) and it has some great benefits like:

• BitLocker Encryption and Secure Boot that are both in Windows 8
• Internet Explorer 10 is the default browser and affects key enhancements to its desktop version
. • Can support versatile CPUs up to 64 core
Supported kernel template templates such as Word and Excel
• Xbox SmartGlass that lets you manage your Xbox by phone

What is my choice? I have HTC One X, which is my personal phone and Nokia 920 with Windows Phone 8. I like HTC because it's Android, and I can easily write fun useful applications that I can install on any Android phones without security blocks . However, I have to say that as a business tool I believe the Nokia WP8 phone is outstanding. It would be difficult to choose if I had to choose one, but if I had, I would probably choose Nokia.

Source by Justin Tisbury

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