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There are still many of you who have not yet purchased your first Smartphone, and even more of you, who are either Android or Apple devices and have a contract to come for renewal. In both cases, there are choices between two major Smartphone models. (Windows Phone is interesting but I'm not sure we know how it works out, so we set it aside now.)

In order to select, & # 39; 39; s helpful to understand what the main difference is and how this difference fits your personality and wishes so we will review this article.

Apple's operating system can be described and described, quite well in my opinion, as a walled garden. A rugged garden can be kept very beautiful, but the hills in it lack it varied due to the wall. It's unspoiled, practical, easy to navigate, but with fewer options than chosen.

Compared to Apple's Walled Garden, you can describe the world of Android as a jungle. It's wilder, a little more scary, but expects a lot of variety and prominent choices. It's not as beautiful or practical or easy to navigate as the garden, but it gives them as their brave environment freedom and diversity that is not found in the yard.

If you have used iPhone or iPad, you know how smooth and beautiful it can be and how reliable and easy to use as well. All the applications work in the same way. On the other hand, iPhone or iPad looks like yours, more or less, except for the issues. Some are beautiful, blingy surfaces, others are armored and seem untreated, but the phone itself? Same old same old.

Android devices are highly customizable and allow equipment of all types and descriptions, live wallpapers, custom ROMs, launchers, keyboard and much more. Your phone or panel is yours and you can do whatever you want. On the other hand, things do not always work as well as they should, since you have the opportunity to screw it if you do not know what you do and there can be some different versions of Android out there.

It turns out that since Apple becomes more like Android in some cases, and Android becomes a bit more like Apple in other ways, two operating systems may resemble each other more than they do now, but the difference is still rather big.

Thus you are a kind of person who loves diversity, is not afraid of experimenting and does not mind a steady learning career? Or are you more enamored by simplicity, elegance, sure? This is what you choose in your choice.

Source by Barry Mahfood

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