Children learn best by observing adult behavior and copying it

Learning is a method of gaining new experience or transforming existing information. Learning is easy to carry if it is received from parents because it is a repeat examination. Children appreciate their parents without judging them because they are the models. Children have the ability to learn more by observing others who do any kind of work. Children have brains like ordinary paper. They learn good or bad from what they look around them. First, look at their family, how they interact with each other, their lifestyle and lifestyle. They get the same effect because they spend most of their time with them. They copy the information that is most characteristic of humans and is called imitation. Psychologically, the children are in the course of sensitive learning, quickly copying their parents' behavior that is printed on their minds. Sometimes, the result is an event that is recorded in their memory and by observation and repetition that becomes part of their routine. Secondly, they accept many practices from the community. If they interact with well-educated or well-educated people, they can learn good moral values, and if their neighborhoods and social partners have bad qualities, they will affect them negatively.

Similarly, children have parents who teach them and prepare them for life. Parents have the first and strongest impact on their children. Children keep up doing it. People who are smoking or alcoholics must know that children are watching their activities and they are in a bad way in the minds of children. Sometimes these activities have a deep impact on the brain and heart of young children. They learn the first lessons from these circumstances because parents who guide them in these circumstances.

The community plays an important role in shaping a person. As it is often said, "A man is known by the company he thinks." Bad company has a negative impact on a child. This is because the teenagers listen more to their friends than their parents and teachers. The society can change denial in confirmation and give children an understanding of the fullness of life. Children enjoy playing with friends more than anything in life; There are times when they want to stay with their friends more than their parents. Learning from friends is a kind of magnetic and it has a creative force in it. They open their hearts to their friends and see joy in their eyes. They believe in them and in such a way that they are their spiritual guidance. Friends and peers are a kind of shelter for children, as it says that a meal will be celebrated and home-made. We have all occasionally bent over again to please friends whether it's a colleague at work, a friend at university or even a playground mate at school. Sometimes in search of happy friends and bringing good books to each other, they begin to contemplate each other. There are many examples where a good child was spoiled because of a bad social circle.

In addition, we should try to understand their behavior regarding their behavior. Parents should look at them, as they go. What they do, what they meet and what they think. We should apply for their friendly behavior, but they often share their feelings with us and they will not try to fix bad habits. There should be a lesson about ethical values ​​in the school curriculum. Teachers should teach them about good moral and immoral. Parents and teachers play an important role in developing their personality. They should be more careful about their activities. But they can not fix wrong ways in their lives because children are the future of the nation.

Finally, we can say that it is true that children learn best by observing adult behavior and trying to copy it. There are adults who should look at their behavior and try to be a good influence and an example for the children.

Source by Parvinder Kaur Kalra

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