Change your computer screen on TV using a TV episode

After the LCD screens appeared, the Cathode Ray Tube was placed in the verge of extinction; However, continuous brain innovation identified even better ways to utilize unused computer screen by using pay-per-view boxes to offer options similar to traditional television channels. In short, the TV show box, the computer screen, offers new features for receiving and publishing television channels. We all have witnesses to replace the CRT with the latest LCD units, either with large companies or individuals.

The cable researcher (CRT) used on the old computer screen and television channels can be described as an electromagnetic vacuum tube and fluorescence screen that works by illuminating electronic rays which then create images in the form of light emitted from the florescence display. On the other hand, LCDs commonly used in the modern computer display and the flat screen display are best described as a thin film camera by using liquid crystals to filter the amount of light into the panel to create images. Two TV episodes came to save CRT monitors that were disposed of as electronic waste after unnecessary destruction.

In order to give your computer display a receipt using a pay-per-box, you must first purchase a genuine combo box from an electronic store. You need to set up a TV reception that you prefer for your billing box, ie. Digital signal, analog signal or hybrid (capable of both reception); To make an informed decision, disclose free access to your local area channels and send signals used. After setting up your mind, consider going to an electronic store and buying a TV box with VGA compatibility (you can connect to the VGA connector of the monitor).

How to connect a connecting TV

• First, turn off the main monitor and monitor and then connect the VGA output from the TV screen to the VGA connector on the display .

• You must then connect the audio input from the TV screen to a microphone on your screen or external speakers if your monitor does not have a built-in speaker. This ensures that you have audio and video from the broadcast.

• Insert the aerial plug into the aerial connector on your TV set.

• Turn on the display and the TV station; In most cases, the payment box is driven by a VGA cable from the computer screen.

• You will notice blue screen (not necessarily blue) on the screen with TV menu, select search requests automatically. Channels that have labels in the area will be stored; And there's your screen.

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