Change from iOS Background to Android App Development

The recording of the smartphone in our lives has let us lean towards technology. Mobile phones have now become essential mainly because of the new and interesting applications and addictive games that are running every day in the app store. Such software development takes place on a variety of platforms like Android, Windows and iOS and there are several features that always allow us to stand with our mobile screen.

Various mobile application development companies are more important by increasing the number of applications and games launched in the App Store. There is a growing demand for new ideas for programs by various companies. The craze is so that even iOS developers are changing themselves to develop applications on the Android platform. But the main problem they face is proper implementation of apps in Android app development. So, here we have some information for iOS turned Android developers. Hope it will be useful.

Android application development and iOS are pretty similar

The developers who change from iOS app development to Android app development have the misconception that they would have to go through the process of learning a new language all together. But that's not the truth, because you already have the development skills that are present in you. Also, being an iOS developer, you must be completely aware of Objective-C or Swift.

We use the term Object Oriented Programming and Java as a base that is similar to Objective-C and Swift while programming with Android. The idea of ​​representatives, dominant methods and subcategories is also used in iOS and therefore, Android app development is easy for iOS developers. Almost all the terms and logos used in both forums are the same, it's only in the development of Android applications, a Java language is used. Therefore, developers need to become well known for Java password as it will use keywords like override, implementation, extends, etc, and not those used in iOS.

Android Studio and X Code User Interface

Many times, it's quite annoying to use Xcode IDE but there are now some major improvements that have been made in recent years. In Android app development through Android Studio some of the Xcode features can also be implemented.

Standard Code Training for Advantages, Subcategories, Imports, etc., Used in IOS Development, is largely dropped by Android Studio using Java passwords. Although both Xcode and Android Studio work quite similar, there are still some differences between the UI code written in IDE. Since Android uses special xml files, on the other hand, Xcode uses storyboards and nibs.

Screen Size Difference

Address the size screen size for the version of iOS developer. This is because they used only one screen size, but in Android app development, developers deal with multiple screen sizes. The later addition of many screenshots in iPhone ran into iOS developers in a problem. But the Android platform has always been screen-size, and comes up with new additions to it by adding devices. Now, on Android not only can you deal with multiple screen sizes, but also with many screen densities.

Android platform designers seem to be very pleased with the Android XML features and organization of the directory as the size and Auto Layout of iOS. One can easily see the difference between Android and iOS while using various XML concepts like web content and matching parent.

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