Challenges for Mobile Applications Developer

India is the world's second largest number of mobile phone users. The number of people who own and use mobile phones continues to grow. It is expected that 1 billion Smartphone users will sell in the coming year, doubling the number of computers. With more than 10 billion mobile devices expected to be in use by 2016, which is 1.4 devices per person on Earth. According to some recent research, Moms spend 53 percent of their usage time playing games with an Android phone. At iPads, it's 48 percent of their app time, and on iPhone, 31 percent. "Mom is a game too." That way, you can definitely experience his explosives.

But it's not as green as it seems. Starting and establishing a mobile development company is a hard nut to crack. There are few challenges facing companies:

  • Resource retraint: It's not a business that does not have access to internal programming languages ​​- they usually do. However, most of the skills are having experience on the Windows side; Not necessarily on popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Windows can and should be part of the forum on the mobile platform. However, it's only a bit and it has to be working on Android and iOS. But let's be honest. If you are a 27 year old mobile programmer, are you looking for a job within the company's development team? Or are you going to try to join one of what seems to be an endless device for mobile startup that seems to make sure they can create millions with the latest hot app?
  • Security: Every manufacturer of a mobile phone manufacturer understands the importance of security and offers accommodation for it. Sometimes, different phones provide comprehensive support to ensure data stored on the device. At the same time, not all mobile applications need the same security level, and users do not like multiple login to access data about the device itself or end-of-life data. However, the responsibility for protecting data is entirely in the hands of the applicants, so they must incorporate encryption into the application down to the file system level
  • Summary and Implementation of Ideas: When you start a new business, the first point is meaningful food. Collect all the ideas. And not just falling in love with these ideas. Strict learning and research is also important. Reference by experts and then making a decision. According to a popular business coach "When you choose to open a business, the chances of success and satisfaction are greater. If you love the work you do".
  • What is their business model? Do they sell their own programs?
  • Finance: Most people assume that this is an easy journey especially for someone who is currently a billionaire. But whether it's an investor or own father, he wants to see a good projection before accepting Invest in your new business. What kind of business you're setting up – from one-action home-based, high-tech production – you need to be clear about how much money you need and where you're going Get it.

Regardless of your challenges you will face. There are some important features that can lead you to success:

  • Relevant Platforms – Your application should be optimized for mobile users. Make sure your application is compatible and practical for all brands and devices.
  • User friendly – Your application has to look amazing. Even the best idea could be if it is not packed in full brand, a colorfully seductive way. Your application must be easy to install, easy to access and easy to use. Explain how you think you want your application to work and spend time making it simpler.
  • Memorable and relative – Your user should be left with high impression. Use any design, wording, and connectivity you can to ensure that the user never forgets his experience. The most popular mobile apps are those that are easy to share with. Your application must have features that reward users to share it with other users.
  • Spontaneous – Every app must be accessible for short bursts of user activity. If only your program is good for prolonged, unsecured use, it will probably not be successful.
  • Cheap – There is no brainer. The cheaper something is, the more users are more likely to download it. Try the free version along with the full version.
  • Demographically Targeted – Know your audience. Not everyone in the world wants your program, so focus on users who want.
  • Fun – Possibly the most important quality in any app is its level of enjoying talent. Take the time to entertain your users in addition to what your app's main application is.

Source by Anubhi Sabharwal

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