Cell Phones – Pros and Cons

Mobile phones are the thoughtful invention of the present century. If you look a few years ago, mobile phones were not recommended as a necessity, but it was rather seen as a luxury that was available to a small group of people. It was not affordable at all and only universities or companies owned by one. But before life without mobile phones looks impossible. No one can imagine life without mobile phones. Many people do not even go home without them. No matter what's the age, people are all around the world the village is added to a mobile phone.

There are thousands of reasons for their popularity in such a short period of time, but mostly because mobile phones are no longer considered handsome but have transformed into technical equipment and offer a variety of technologies such as GPS, music player, PDA and much more. To compete, almost every week, manufacturers around the world are introducing a new model with updated features that best suit your lifestyle.

Large people feel comfortable communicating with others. With your eyesight, you can contact anyone around the world. Nowadays, mobile phones are constantly upgrading that allows you to enjoy a wide range of new features. Based on the mobile model, you can easily watch the TV on the handset, play a lot of games, browse information from the internet, receive or send electronic mail, send or receive 3D photos, keep balance sheets of important meetings, and organize with alerts, store a large list of full-contact contacts and much more.

In simple words, mobile phones are needed for all individuals. Nowadays, the need has also transformed into fashion. People choose expensive mobile phones to impress others. Every phone has the option of & # 39; Customize your phone & # 39; since users can easily set the phone according to the environment or taste.

You will come across many such parents who give their children a cell phone. This is not because they want to give their children new technology, but the main reason behind it is their safety. The mobile phone can prove to be the best source of protection in the event of an emergency.

Everything is worried, and the mobile phone also has its drawback. The following are a few disadvantages of mobile phones:

1. Health: Recent studies say that radiation from the cellular phone leads to blurred vision, tinnitus and headache and can even lead to cancer.

2. No privacy: if anyhow your cell is wrong, it will lead you to some difficulties; unless you have set a strong password that is not easy to break with software.

3. Mobile and Driving: Mostly an accident occurs due to negligence and the main reason for using a mobile phone while driving.

What are the disadvantages of using a mobile phone, the advantages are simply unprecedented. These benefits have made people an addict of the mobile phone.

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