Cell Phones In The UK – Will Your Cell Phone Work?

As the International Trade Organization continues to grow, many travel to many countries more often than they have before. If you are going to visit the UK and want to use your mobile phone, there are several factors that could determine whether it will work or not.

Like most other European countries, the UK mobile network operates under the Global System for Media Communications, also known as GMS. This system is another generation of cellular technology. Unfortunately, most mobile devices purchased in the United States operate under the Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA), a third generation mobile phone technology. So if your mobile phone is not a GMS model then it will not be compatible with the UK operating system.

If you have a GMS mobile phone, this factor can not guarantee that it will work in the UK. As well as the difference between cellular technology, European mobile phones also operate at frequencies that are different from those found in North America. While our mobile phones operate at frequencies 850 and 1900, European devices operate in the 900 and 1800 frequencies. If you have a GMS phone, you need to contact your service provider to find out if it will work with European frequencies.

Once you've found a GMS mobile phone with the right frequency capabilities, you can still have trouble when you come to the UK. While your phone can work in urban areas like London and Edinburgh, you may have trouble finding labels in more rural areas. In reality, no cell phones will work in most remote areas in the UK. So if you are going to travel in these areas, you may need to rely on using landline phone anyway.

The best way to make sure you have a mobile phone that will work while in the country is to purchase an unlocked GMS phone with compatible frequencies and SIM (Subscriber Identity Module). The mobile phones themselves are much more expensive if they are purchased in the UK so you will probably want to buy one of these devices here. The cost of a SIM card is about £ 9.99 (US $ 18). These cards, however, come with a very small amount of minutes. You will then be able to add more minutes when you need them.

You can also purchase some prepaid mobile phones in the UK. If you want to buy one of these devices, the cost can run from £ 29.99 to £ 129.99 (approximately $ 57 US to $ 247 US). Because of costs, this option is not worthwhile if you only want to be in the country for a short period of time.

Traveling to Britain can be a wonderful experience. Again, the best way to make sure you use a mobile phone when you visit to buy a GMS phone before you go and SIM card when you arrive. You should also remember that you may need to live without being in the most remote areas of the country.

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