Cell Phone Number Search – How to Reverse Lookup a Cell Phone Number

When do you need a different phone service?

If you want to find the name and location of the owner of a particular phone number (cellular phones or landline) and this number is not listed in whitepages or phonebook, then it will require a specialized reverse phone search service. This service operates by purchasing access to databases of data banks of different mobile operators and network operators. By combining multiple source information, they provide users with the opportunity to search through a large database containing almost all phone numbers in the U.S.. This database contains country code, unlisted number and mobile phone number.

The withdrawal of the phone is subject to agreements with operators that prohibit them from providing this information for free (in particular as a result of privacy). This is why you need a valid credit or PayPal account to sign up and use this service. This ensures that they can not be used for illegal purposes (for example, stalking.) In addition, the network operator charges for access to its databases in the first place, so the retrieval service tries to recover some of its costs by requiring a subscription fee.

Are there any free advantages of paid reverse telephone service?

If you do not feel like using paid services, there are some benefits that can help. You can view the number in common knowledge or phone book or use a search engine online such as Google or Yahoo. However, if the relevant number is mobile or unlisted, your search will likely not give any results, because such information is not available to the public. It will not hurt to try, though.

What kind of information can you expect to find using cell phone service?

You can expect to find the owner name and address. Some services also provide additional information, such as a list of households.

How to use call center?

Simply enter the phone number you are researching online. Most services will immediately provide the following information for free:

  • Whether that phone number is cellular or landline.
  • Exact location (city and state) where the number is listed.
  • All further information about this number is available.

To find the name of the owner of the phone, you need to purchase access to the service (normal fee is usually eligible). As stated, registration requirements are a means to ensure that the service is not used illegally.

Are you looking at phone service alright?

Yes, cell phone service is completely legal, provided you use the information you have obtained for legal purposes. In particular, this information may not be used to call a network operator.

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