Cect N97

If you are a mobile phone fan or gadget critic, you will certainly know the China-based CECT (CEC Telecom Ltd) mobile phone manufacturing company and how they have unlocked the world with their mobile phone clones and spin-off phones from traditional electronics and mobile phone industry such as Nokia and Apple. In fact, there is a growing demand for their cell phone clones as the demand for original mobile phones, and this is because the company offers a handy and cheaper opportunity for mobile phone experience for quality and quality of mobile phone features. For example, the CECT N97, the latest mobile phone from CECT, has so far been a rip off from the Nokia N series – the N97.

Nokia N97 was sold in American flag stores and around the world in June 2009, but quite unexpectedly, CECT successfully released its own version of the Nokia N97 smart clone in the coming months, not long after. Much has been said that CECT has already released the CECT N97 intelligent clone before the original edition of the Nokia N97 worldwide. Whatever the truth is on this issue, the fact remains that the firm has once again proven to be notorious for cloning and the exclusion of pirated versions of the original and makes it a fraction of the original price – it is happy to see consumers of the public who have a stricter budget . The expensive Apple iPhone – a cheaper version of the CECT mini phone – is still freshly available for many gadget reviewers and critics, and it is true that this iClone has gained millions of cash in this market.

However, the CECT N97 has recently received mixed reactions and reactions from the public, just as the original contemporary. It requires frequent criticisms that it is just a "false similarity to the original" and that these mobile phone users are not accepting or using it. In a lighter comment, some gadget critics and reviewers say that it is a product of intelligent cloning and is not at all a "bad clone" compared to the original. Furthermore, they say that the CECT N97 can overcome its original similarity, the Nokia N97, in a strong combination of cheap price and phone performance in the long run.

If you can separate which one you choose, choose the options below: price, performance, and availability to get smart. If you can afford the original price, and if you're considering the best performance, it's better to choose the Nokia N97. However, if you are on a lean budget, you should choose CECT N97 to save money.

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